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[Team Three] Bite

He doesn't remember anything after that. In the morning, Midoriya isn’t even sure he didn’t dream the whole encounter. That flash of fang he thinks he saw seems impossible, but the eyes, one blue and one grey, stay in his mind. He attributes the dried blood on his neck to a forgotten shaving accident and tries to put the matter out of his mind, but it’s not even a week later that he finds himself wandering through the night in search of… something.

A gust of wind blows right into his face, and when he blinks his watering eyes back open, the figure from his dreams is there. Red and silver hair, shimmering under the light of the pale moon. A pale, eternal, pretty face. Lonely eyes, one blue and one grey. “You weren’t a dream!” Midoriya blurts out. He quickly clamps his mouth shut before he can say anything else embarrassing.

“You were told to forget,” the figure says.

Midoriya shakes his head, but now memories are flooding back. Todoroki’s face stained with blood, the fight, the kiss, gentle touches witnessed only by the pale moon. “You’re a vampire,” Midoriya says, finally sure. ‘You didn’t want to kill me even though you were supposed to’ he thinks but doesn’t say aloud.

They move at the same time, crossing the distance in moments, and this kiss burns itself into Midoriya’s memory. He won’t forget this one, he’s sure of it now. No dark power can erase Todoroki’s soft lips and desperate touch from his memory, not ever again. Todoroki’s body is icy against his, the vampire’s touch cold, so cold, but Midoriya simply tilts his head and offers up his neck. Fresh, hot blood will warm him right up.

The bite is ecstasy, pure pleasure flooding through Midoriya’s veins. He clings to Todoroki’s broad shoulders, holding on, but darkness claims him once again before he can voice any of the things he knows he needs to say. The morning sun finds him back in his bed, a smear of dried blood on his neck the only evidence that he’s not going insane.

Next up is mousapelli!
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