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[Team Two] Care

Uh omg it's a Snow Man drabble?
I wrote this really, really fast to make the posting deadline.

“Food.” Miyadate looked across the table.





“Ryota!” Watanabe whined. “I’m-”

“Does it not taste good?” Miyadate suddenly asked, crestfallen.

Watanabe flailed, “I didn’t say that! You would never make something that doesn’t taste good!” For some reason he sounded indignant - for Miyadate’s sake probably. Habit.

Then he sighed, “I’m just not hungry right now.”

“Did you steal Sakuma’s snacks again?” Miyadate moved to sit next to Watanabe and wrapped an arm around him. “Or is it the new hayfever medication?”

“Mixture of both?” Watanabe gave up his attempts to eat and leaned back against Miyadate. “Can this be warmed up again later? I promise I’ll eat it.”

“I’ll put it in the fridge.” Miyadate made an attempt to move but Watanabe wouldn’t let him move.

He didn’t try to get up a second time, instead leaning back against the sofa behind them and pulling Watanabe into his arms properly. They didn’t talk. They didn’t need to.

Watanabe knew Miyadate only meant well. Their Yokohama Arena shows were coming up soon, as was Takizawa Kabuki. On top of it was the new stuff for the YouTube Channel. Snow Man were happy because they were always the happiest when they were busy. But being busy also meant that some of them - if not all - started to slack off when it came to taking care of themselves. They had gotten better over the years - experience and all - but sometimes new challenges brought along somewhat old problems.

Admittedly, Watanabe was probably the one in their group who was the most prone to neglect himself when faced with stress or pressure.

But that’s where Miyadate came in. Miyadate was probably the one all of the stress and pressure got to the least. They balanced out.

“I love you, Ryota.”

“What brought this on?” Miyadate sounded slightly amused but then nuzzled the back of Watanabe’s neck and replied, “I love you, too. Or I wouldn’t have married you.”

Your turn talisa_ahn
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