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[team two] (first) waltz

Hello, team. :D

Uwaaaa, there's so much inspiration for fic in the past few days but I have zero brain power. ; w;)/ I'm so sorry this is incredibly late (again). Yoroshiku, Captain Eru~

“Sure, why not?” His own reply surprises him, but then he’s stepping closer and lifting his hand to tilt Hokuto’s chin. Taiga doesn’t miss the wide-eyed startled look on Hokuto’s face and he takes this chance to level Hokuto with an intense gaze, already shifting into character.

He starts singing without the accompaniment, guided only by his memory of the song. The notes come out softly at first, just on the side of barely audible. Taiga knows that other juniors might be having rehearsals in their official time, and he is in a generous mood, after all. He sings in a soft voice because the room isn’t exactly soundproof, but he makes up for it with quiet intensity.

Hokuto turns away, as his character is supposed to do at some point, but his breath catches at the sight that inescapably greets him when he sees the mirror. He almost stumbles upon his words, missing his cue to sing by a millisecond, when he sees Taiga’s eyes on him all the while.

Hokuto’s voice is rough at the edges when he sings, struggling to match the softness and the quiet intensity of Taiga’s voice, but they make it to the end somehow. Their noses are within an inch of touching, their breaths mingling midway, tickling each other’s cheeks. When Taiga raises his hand to caress Hokuto’s cheek one more time, Hokuto visibly shudders.

It takes a beat or two for Hokuto to recover, still reeling from the the ghost of Taiga’s touch and heat of his gaze. But then the magic spell breaks, and Taiga is the first to look away, suddenly self-conscious.

Before either of them could say a thing, however, the door slams open and a parade of morons come straight into the rehearsal studio. Their usual raucous laughter fills the silence between Hokuto and Taiga, and the focus shifts onto something else entirely. They share one last glance, a promise of more for later.

It's your turn, su_jin~ 💖💖💖
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