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[Team Three] Blast from the Past

I've had the idea for this Takahika story for like at least two years, so I guess I'm finally trying to write it. Woohoo? Hope to keep continuing it for my next several turns lol.

For Takaki Yuya

The simple message is scrawled in unfamiliar handwriting on the top of the package sitting at Takaki's door. He stoops down to pick it up before heading into his apartment.

There's no return address on the label, and he doesn't remember placing an order for anything lately. So he dumps it onto the kitchen table to deal with later.

His mind is more preoccupied on going over the day he just had. Another day of unsuccessful job searching. He goes through the motions of fixing himself a simple dinner, but he's replaying each failure over and over again. The business who said he wasn't qualified for the work because he never finished high school. The job who said he didn't look quite right for the part, probably because of his dyed hair and his frayed old suit.

Tomorrow he would try to find a part time job at least because he was tired of striking out on everything else.

He takes a bite of his dinner and grimaces at the taste, automatically putting his face in his hands in frustration. Can't even do that right.

He looks to the mysterious package nearby he'd almost forgotten about. He could at least use it as a distraction for a while.

Upon further inspection, he still can't find any hint of who had sent it to him. Cautiously, he rips it open to reveal a beautiful wooden box with an ornate carving along the edges. It looks old and worn down but still rather sturdy. He can't find any sort of note around to indicate what it was or any other information.

So he opens the lid to look inside. There's kanji carved into the sides but Takaki's never been good at reading old Japanese. It's easier just to ignore it to examine the rest of the box. Resting at the bottom is a tiny red rock.

Confused, Takaki reaches in to pick up the jewel for a closer look. But as soon as his fingers wrap around it, there's a sudden flash of light so blinding it feels like it's burrowing its way through his eyelids even while they're closed.

And then he's plunged into a sudden darkness. He doesn't remember anything after that.

It's all you sanadas_sanity!
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