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[team four] unfocused

My captain asks for Recovery of an MMO Junkie fic, my captain gets Recovery of an MMO Junkie fic. It's not Koiwai/Dryer-chan, though. Next time.


That totally didn’t count! Lily-san kissing Hayashi on the cheek was just an in-game thing for Morioka’s birthday, and it didn’t mean anything. Lily-san was a computer girl – a really cute computer girl – and Morioka was a NEET. Even if Lily-san’s player liked Hayashi that way, she thought Morioka was a cute college guy. It was easy to picture Hayashi and Lily as a sparkling couple out in the real world, holding hands and blinding everyone in their path.

Morioka sighed. She stood up and cracked her back, and realized her butt was asleep from sitting for too long.

“What time is it?” she mumbled to herself, then nearly fell over when she glanced at the clock. She’d completely missed dinner playing! Morioka told Lily-san that she’d be right back; Lily smiled and said she’d take a break, too, and they both went AFK.

Morioka knew she wasn’t focusing well as she walked to the combini, but she couldn’t help it. She was spending her birthday alone and spacing out because a fake girl gave her a fake kiss, but it felt so nice. Just thinking about Lily-san made her belly fizz happily, like she was back in middle school with her first crush. Morioka, alone on the street, twirled in a circle and slammed right into something.

“Ow,” Morioka said from the ground.

“Are you all right?” the something asked, concerned, as it offered a hand out and helped Morioka back to her feet. “Morioka-san?”

Morioka blinked and shook off her confusion. “Sakurai-san?! What are you doing here?”

Sakurai let go of her hand as he held up a bag. Morioka shivered as soon as it was gone, though that embarrassed her. Thinking things like that about Sakurai were almost as impossible as thinking them about Lily-san.

“Snacks,” said Sakurai, and grinned sheepishly. “You?”

“Snacks,” Morioka agreed. Her stomach, predictably, growled. Morioka squeezed her eyes shut and wished the ground would swallow her up, but Sakurai just laughed.

“I guess I’d better let you go,” he said. “But really, we need to stop meeting like this.”


You're up, springmaid!
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