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[TEAM FOUR] Five weeks (and counting)

This is just a little Kuroo/Tsuuki drabble inspired by a piece of fanart on Twitter that just WRECKED me yesterday, it was so cute. T__T

He put Kuroo’s hoodie back in the closet and grabbed a cardigan instead. Tsukishima wasn’t some kind of sentimental sop who needed physical reminders that his stupid Tokyo boyfriend was off in Tokyo while he was still in Miyagi stuck in the purgatory weeks between university acceptance and the official end of third year.

But then the memory of last night rears up, the sly tilt of Kuroo’s smile, the comment that caught him off guard and startled him into loud laughter. The spark of delight in Kuroo’s eyes and the way his arms tightened as Tsukishima had melted helplessly against him was hard to forget.

He sighed deeply and mentally tallied up the days again, finally giving in and pulling the hoodie around him. At least he still had enough dignity not to sniff it. Even if it did smell like Kuroo’s spicy cologne layered over a deeper, subtler scent. He could absolutely hold out another five weeks. Then he’d have far more Kuroo than he would ever want. Probably.

He turned his cheek into the softness of the hood and breathed deeply. That totally didn’t count.

Your turn, marksykins I'm sorry about the hold up!
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