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[team one] cold air

I almost forgot myself, thinking I had more time, oops. I don't have time for anything less vague.

Stupid, stupid husband. Why did you follow me?

Wonsik’s face twists in shock, in horror, in absolute agony, at the sight of Hakyeon, his so beloved, at the other end of the gun to his temple.


Surely he’s going to ask, what brought Hakyeon to this? How did he end up here, in a cell filled with cameras and about to kill his husband? Why is he doing this? All of those can only be answered with a story too long to tell right now.

But Wonsik doesn’t ask why, or how. All he says is, “Was any of it real?”

Hakyeon’s heart sinks, guilt settling in his stomach. The gun feels clammy in his hand. He counts the cameras in the room. One, two, three, four. Then he smiles, fondly, at the man he loves. He’ll definitely get caught, but it doesn’t matter if he can get Wonsik out.

“Stupid husband. Why else would I be here?”

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