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[Team Three] Cold Snow

Title: Cold Snow
Fandom: SixTONES
Pairing: Member-ai
Summary: A snowball fight among SixTONES
A/N: I wanted this to be longer, but I ran out of time. I haven't had a chance to beta this, I apologize!

“It was so worth it!” Jesse hollered, running as fast as he could away from Taiga. The older man shook himself, snow falling from his face down his body. Some ended up in his clothes. He felt the chill of it and glared, snowball in hand. Revenge was needed.

All of SixTONES had gathered together that day to hang out. It had taken a bit of coxing for Taiga and Hokuto to both agree to come, but eventually the other four had won their battle and they agreed to come. It was Shintaro who started the snowball fight, naturally. They had separated into teams of three. Kouchi, Taiga, and Juri were one team, while Hokuto, Jesse, and Shintaro made up another team. Pretty much everyone but Jesse had been hit multiple times, but none of them seemed to care about scores. What had started as just a little fun, had turned into a competition to see who could last the longest.

Taiga bristled, glaring at Jesse with murderous eyes. Jesse knew he was going to be in trouble, but the look of pure shock on Taiga’s face as the snow collided with his face was too good to pass up. The other four had all stopped what they were doing and laughed at his expense. Shintaro had been so distracted, Kouchi managed to hit him straight in the chest. Shintaro let out a yell, and then dramatically fell to the ground, pretending that he had been shot. They laughed at his clowery.

Jesse kept moving, knowing Taiga was going to go after him. He had been lucky so far, but he knew his luck wouldn’t last forever, now that he had pissed off Taiga. With catlike reflexes Taiga took off after Jesse, snowball in hand. Jesse screamed gleefully as Taiga chased him down. Jesse was faster, but the snow was thick and he ended up tripping at one point. He managed to catch his balance without face planting in the snow, which gave Taiga the perfect opening. He jumped slightly and threw the snow right on top of Jesse’s head.

“Cold!” Jesse screamed in English, the snow running down his neck.

“Now we’re even, asshole!”

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