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[team two] Accelerando

Starting off Team Two! I was determined to write something more substantial than the <500 word drabbles I've been posting of late but this is the best I could do. The prompt was from one of those OTP prompts blogs but I can't remember which one >_<

It was Taiga that insisted, repeatedly, that the piano needed tuning, so he guesses he only has himself to blame for this. Hokuto too maybe, since Hokuto was the one that recommended the company that sent the tuning specialist out.

It's Taiga's fault that he arranged a time when his mother would be home, but in his defence he couldn't have known that the guy would be so damn attractive or that his mother would have managed to find out so easily from said attractive piano tuner that he's gay.

His mother means well, Taiga knows that, she understands how shy he is and how reluctant he was to admit even to himself that he's gay, so in a way he thinks it's kind of sweet of her to try and set him up on dates. It’s sweet, but it's also really embarrassing. It's embarrassing enough that Taiga hides in the kitchen the whole first hour he's tuning the damn piano.

He hasn't even actually gotten a good look at the guy, not close up, he just saw him from the kitchen window, walking up the drive with his tool-kit. But he can hear the chirpy voice coming from the other room, it sounds nice, warm and fun and he laughs a lot and that makes Taiga smile from his hiding place.

Of course his mother won't let him get away with hiding the entire time and she practically dances into the kitchen with a huge grin on her face. Taiga scowls.

“His name is Yasui Kentaro. He's single, twenty-six, very friendly, works full time as a string instrument repairer, specialising in piano repairs and restoration, he's also a singer in a band in his spare time. He like Japanese food and ice cream, and is allergic to cats, he's also not too keen on dogs so maybe wait a while before introducing him to Anzu-chan.” she tells him, leaning in close to whisper and then she steps back, her voice a little louder than necessary as she opens the fridge. “Taiga, be a sweetheart and take a glass of Barley tea through to Yasui-kun, I was just telling him how interested you are in how pianos work.”

His scowl turns to a full glare but he takes the glass of Barley Tea that she hands him and walks through to the living room with it. Yasui is turned to the door, an amused expression falling politely from his face and he nods his head when Taiga enters.

Taiga nods back and holds out the glass. “Would you like some Tea?” Yasui nods his thanks and takes it, taking a long sip. “I'm Kyomoto Taiga.”

“I'm Yasui Kentaro” Yasui answers and then one eyebrow raises as he smiles “I've heard a lot about you.”

Taiga flushes but he tries to smile in response. “I've heard a lot about you too.”

Yasui laughs, and just like that the tension seems to melt between them, leaving behind it a warm fuzzy feeling. “So you're interested in pianos?”

Taiga kind of is, so he nods and Yasui grins as he turns back to the piano and starts pointing out the different parts. Taiga sticks around after that, and Yasui talks him through the tuning process, tells him about all the different tools and why they're necessary and Taiga asks questions, getting up at times to take a closer look at what Yasui is doing and then before he even knows it, the piano is tuned and Yasui is packing up his things.

“Thanks.” Taiga tells him. “That was really interesting.”

Yasui smiles easily. “It was fun.” and then he's done packing up and for the first time he looks kind of awkward. “So what do you think? Do you...maybe want to go out sometime?” Taiga looks at him, startled by the question and Yasui looks away rubbing the back of his head. “Your mum tried really hard, that was really nice of her so...even if you aren't interested, can we at least get coffee sometime? For her sake?”

Taiga is still kind of caught off guard, he doesn't know what to say but then Yasui's expression falls into something almost sad and Taiga forces himself to say something. “Saturday?” he asks, and Yasui's smile re-appears full force. “We could...get lunch or something?”

Yasui nods. “Would a late lunch be OK? I'm working until one, but there's a really nice family restaurant just along from the workshop.”

Taiga nods, says that'd be great and his head is still spinning a little as Yasui writes down the address of the restaurant and his mobile number and says he'll be there at quarter past one, and then he's on his way out of the door and Taiga is shutting it behind him. And then Taiga turns and sobers instantly at the smug expression on his mother's face. “So?” she asks, excitedly.

“We're going out for lunch on Saturday.” Taiga admits, half embarrassed and half kind of smug himself. “You'll be sorry if things go well and I bring him back here afterwards.”

He's trying to make her feel uncomfortable, just as a little revenge but his mother only smiles widely and bounces on her toes in excitement.

Lunch on Saturday is fun. It doesn't feel like a date, and that's probably the only reason Taiga can talk to Yasui as easily as he does, why he doesn't feel anxious and pressured and it's nice and he's thinking he'd kind of like to do this again but he knows how that will sound and he doesn't want to even bring that topic up.

It's clear that Yasui is trying to avoid bringing that topic up too, the topic of if there's anything there and if they're going to go out again. He drives Taiga home, he insists it's no bother since he has his car at the workshop anyway, and Taiga's house is actually on his way home anyway, and Taiga can feel a slightly weird tension falling over them the closer they get to his house.

He takes a deep breath. “I had a really good time. I think you're a really nice person, and I'm very much attracted to you...”

“But...” Yasui says for him, he doesn't seem upset or angry, only a little disappointed.

“It was only a few months ago that I even came out...I've been kind of trying to deny it for a long I'm not really ready to anyone...I don't know what that even entails...I'm just...” he's vaguely aware that the car is stopping and he sees his house beside them. “My mum knows this...but she's being kind of pushy...saying I won't learn about dating until I try it and that's why know.”

Yasui nods, Taiga sees it out of his peripheral vision as he looks over at the house and sees the curtain in the kitchen window twitch. “That's fair enough.”

“She's watching.” Taiga tells him, and he looks over at Yasui as a small well of irritation seems to bubble up. “This is a really selfish request...but I kind of want to get a little revenge on her for being so pushy...could you kiss me?” Yasui's eyebrows raise a little in surprise but Taiga continues. “She won't expect it and I'm pretty sure it'll make her please...would you mind?”

Yasui laughs a little “I wouldn't mind kissing you at all. Should we get out the car, so she can see better?”

Taiga nods and smiles wickedly as Yasui climbs out of his side and walks around the car to open Taiga's door. Taiga has barely gotten out and shut the door before Yasui presses him full force back against the car, his fingers weaving into Taiga's hair, and kisses him. It's fast and kind of rough and it's not at all how Taiga was expecting it to be, he wasn't expecting to feel so lost and so helpless, he wasn't expecting he would kiss back just as desperately. He wasn't expecting the weight of Yasui's body pinning him to the car or Yasui's eager dominance despite being a head shorter than Taiga.

It's only when Yasui pulls away again that Taiga realises his own fingers are tangled in Yasui's hair, that he hears how deep his breaths are, almost pants and he can't stop the quiet “Wow.” from slipping out between his tingling lips.

“You think that'll be enough to surprise her?” Yasui asks, and he seems a little less affected though his lips are kind of red an swollen. Taiga just nods, and then regrets it as Yasui takes a few steps back and then turns to walk back to the drivers side door. “Well. See you...”

Taiga walks up to the front door in a weird state of surprise himself, he walks right past his mother, not even registering her reaction and straight up to his room where he flops down onto the bed and touches his lips.

He plays the piano later that night, but every time his fingers stroke over the keys he's inescapably reminded of Yasui, of Yasui's fingers caressing them as he'd tuned the strings, and that reminds him of Yasui's fingers in his hair, he shudders and then he's thinking of Yasui's lips, urgent and demanding, moving faster.

He realises suddenly that he's breathing deeper again, almost gasping along with the memory in his head and his fingers are moving far too fast over the keys, the tune distorted. He stops, closing the lid of the piano, a strange kind of agitation settling over him and he's running back upstairs, his fingers pressing different keys this time, the ones on his phone, dialling Yasui's number.

“I meant what I said earlier.” he says quickly, when Yasui answers with a surprised 'Hello', “I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to relationships, I thought I didn't even really want one but I can't stop thinking about you so please...can you teach me about you taught me about tuning a piano”

He can hear the smile in Yasui's voice, the amusement that already feels familiar. “Dating is very different from tuning a piano, there are far less knobs for one, and hopefully less need for instruments...but I can't stop thinking about you how about we try to figure it out together?”

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