softboys (softboys) wrote in writetomyheart,

[Team One] My Forever is You

Okay, team one, let's do this!~ I'm Vibeke and I'm the newly selected captain, I guess? Taking over after sweetest cairistiona is no easy thing to do but I'll try my best so please bear with me through trials and errors ;v; I can be contacted on twitter, and that's where I'll poke most of you also. Please let me know if you know you're going to be late/or have to skip. Communication is key, you guys, so lets all communicate well! :D

Anyways! Here's some semi-smut to start us off.

Junmyeon/Kyungsoo, NC-17, 1,6k, AU.

Posted to AO3 because d*cks galore.

junxouji, you're up, and your words are [these ones.]“Stupid, stupid husband.”
Tags: *team one, fandom: exo, love ranger: softboys, warning: here tharr be porn
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