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[team two] these situations

hahahahaha i think i'm cutting it down to the wire here, but yutohika wanted me to write them something.

It wasn’t something Hikaru could have predicted. He really didn’t know how he kept getting into these situations.

He had never been able to deny Yuto anything. Even as a kid, there had always been something so undeniably cute about Yuto’s smile, the little dimples that shone through his cheeks. How, as he grew, there was still something so innocent about him, little scar on his lip not retracting from the twinkle in his eyes.

But it made things difficult when Hikaru needed to say no. Hot breath against his skin, body pressed firmly against his. Hard cock dug into his stomach as his head spun from dirty words whispered into his ears. Yuto knew every way to make sure ‘no’ was the farthest thing from Hikaru’s mind, only the word ‘yes’ tattooed across his lips.

They never had time whenever Yuto wanted to fool around, a few minutes during breaks of rehearsals, seconds before walking out for a recording. It was as if his one job was the make Hikaru as hard as he could before they walked out into a public environment, making Hikaru flustered enough to say silly things on tv without thinking.

He always went crawling to Yuto when it ended, body remembering what it was like to be touched by him. Remembering what it felt like to have Yuto close.

Daredevils. It’s what they were. Stealing empty offices in the company to have their fun, bodies sliding between each other, craving every ounce of friction that could be given. It was always a new adventure, new excitement, as they looked for one that appeared deserted to have their way with each other.

Yuto had his moments of roughness, pinning Hikaru to the desk and slowly sliding into him, making his toes curl in anticipation for every hard thrust that would eventually follow. How he would beg, plead, for Yuto to go faster, but it was only by his own accord would he given in. Hard, deep thrusts that took the light away from Hikaru’s eyes as his orgasm crashed around him.

But he was soft too. Sweet kisses that stole Hikaru’s breath in the best way possible. Love, adoration, whatever was between them sprinkled onto his skin until he came onto Yuto’s fingers lazily stroking him through every wave of pleasure that hit.

Hikaru knew he had to say no. To protect the group, to protect the balance of the group if their relationship ever did go sour, but the way that Yuto kissed him after sex, as if he was the only person in the world that mattered, kept those words away from Hikaru’s lips. One more day would be fine. He would tell Yuto then they couldn’t sleep around again.

The cycle would continue. Yuto’s fingers, his hands, his kisses that Hikaru craved late at night when it was only him and his hand, the words bubbling under his skin until they dissipated.

Hikaru didn’t know how he got into these situations. He needed to say no, desperately so, but the only word he wanted to say was ‘yes.’

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