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[Team Three] Group Activities

"Here? Seriously guys?" Abe wailed, covering his eyes. He’d seen a lot over the years, since Watanabe liked clothes about as much as he liked food and most of his group didn’t know the word shame, but…

“You could join us,” Sakuma offered, reaching his free hand out to Abe.

Iwamoto only hummed agreement, since his mouth was otherwise occupied, but Fukazawa chimed in with a comment about Abe’s pink cheeks that made Abe blush even harder.

“No, it’s quite alright, really…” Abe refused, backing away carefully. He wouldn’t even know where to join - he’d need a diagram to figure out who was doing what even. That was Iwamoto’s leg over Sakuma’s shoulder, and Miyadate was…

“Sorry I’m late,” Watanabe apologized cheerfully right behind Abe.

Abe squeaked in surprise, but it was already too late - Watanabe had chucked his pants into a corner and wrapped his arms around Abe’s shoulders to kiss him deeply. With a sigh, Abe gave in. There was no way he could resist Watanabe’s wiles, no point in even trying.
Tags: *team three, fandom: msm/noon boyz/snow men, love ranger: orangegreenlove
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