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[team two] ironic doesn't cover it

I was hoping to write some smut or something but then Kay posted and now I am all angst and doom (and I love it).

This is the follow up to 'Complicated doesn't cover it'

He can barely say it out loud, the best he can muster is a choked whisper. “I slept with Masaki...” It was loud enough. The way Yuto’s hands press against his ears and his head shakes could almost look like the words were too loud, but Yamada knows that’s not it. He wants to say sorry, he doesn’t need to because he and Yuto aren’t dating and he did nothing wrong, but it sure feels like he did. “Yuto...” he says instead.

“Last night?” Yuto asks and when Yamada nods he clenches his eyes closed like the sight is as offensive to his eyes as the words seemed to his ears. It quiet for a moment. Yamada watches with bated breath as Yuto takes a deep breath before letting out a laugh that is all mirth and no humour, and when Yuto’s eyes open tears spill thickly down his cheeks. “Well that’s ironic.”

Yamada’s heart breaks right along with Yuto’s voice. Ironic doesn’t cover it.

It's your turn sanadas_sanity, since xingphonic is out for this round you're our last player!
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