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[team sonic] here you come again

There's more to this in my head somewhere but it refuses to have a half-baked drabble to restart team sonic. Inspired by the Dolly Parton song of the same name.

Yamada’s heart stops when the door of the quiet, little bar opens, stops and restarts in double time before his brain has even had time to figure out why. Before he’s even recognised Yuto and his bright blonde hair.

“Who’s that?” Daiki asks from beside him, his hand squeezing Yamada’s lightly to get his attention. Yamada pulls his hand away quickly and hides it under the table but Daiki’s eyebrows only raise in amusement. “Ex-boyfriend?”

Yamada shakes his head, that much is true, they never used the word boyfriend. It’s also kind of not true too though, so he elaborates. “Kind of...” He doesn’t know what else to say to explain it though, how he can surmise everything that Yuto is and isn’t to him. First love, soul-mate, fuck buddy.

It’s only a matter of time before Yuto makes his way over, it’s a small bar, and even though Yuto stops to greet everyone in there it doesn’t take him more than a few minutes, it’s a small town after all. It still makes the hairs on the back of Yamada’s neck stand up when he hears Yuto’s voice though.

“Yama-chan.” he says softly. “It’s been a while.” and just like that Yuto is sliding into the empty seat beside him. He looks briefly at Daiki and then back at Yamada, a small expectant smile on his lips. It makes Yamada’s blood boil, Yuto always was kind of arrogant, it’s one of the traits that Yamada somehow can’t help finding endearing though.

“Yuto this is Daiki, Daiki this is Yuto...”

“Yuto?” Daiki repeats and he leans forward a little to look at Yuto closely. “Nakajima Yuto?” Yuto just nods with that arrogant, self-confident smile. “The movie star Nakajima Yuto?”

Anyone else would have the decency to at least looked embarrassed, but not Yuto, and Yamada’s eyes roll as he tries not to stare at Yuto’s sparking ones “The very same.”

“What is a movie star doing in a butt-fuck nowhere little town like this?” Daiki asks, barely disguising both his excitement and his distaste for the town he’s only just settling into.

Yuto just laughs “This is my home-town, I grew up here.”

For the next twenty seven minutes Yamada glances awkwardly between his watch and his dwindling glass of beer while Daiki presses Yuto on what America is like, on how you even make movies and what’s the most exciting country he’s visited for work. Eventually though, the bar keeper calls for last orders and Yuto is dragged away for last drink with the bar staff and Yamada can’t suggest they leave fast enough.

“So you dated a movie star?” Daiki asks, just as Yamada expected he would, once they’re back on the main street.

“It’s not like that.” Yamada tells him, he’d had a little time to straighten it out in his head while Yuto was explaining the difference between what Japan considers a Yankee and what it means elsewhere in the world. “There weren’t many other kids our age when we were growing up, that’s all it was.”

Daiki stays silent for a moment as they walk but then he sighs and when he speaks his tone is more sober. “If that’s as much as you want to tell me then I respect that, but there’s definitely more to seem unhappy to see him here and he seems completely oblivious to that so there’s clearly some confused feelings somewhere along the way.”

“Yuto is oblivious to a lot of things.” Yamada says with a small laugh but when Daiki doesn’t share in it he says more seriously “I’m not unhappy to see him, it’s just that now isn’t a good time...”

“Because of me?” Daiki asks, letting his fingers bump against Yamada’s as they walk.

“Because of a lot of things.” Yamada answers but when he glances at Daiki’s face he knows that Daiki understands it’s mostly because of him.

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