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[Team One] Heart Warming

Winter sucks.

When Lu Han looks up, Minseok’s smile is a little wider.  He doesn’t know why.  It’s so cold.  The hissing wind pokes at all the chinks in their down filled armor.  There’s just enough snow on top of the slushy sidewalk that even in his hiking boots with the good treads, Lu Han feels in danger of falling.  Lu Han hates winter.  He doesn’t know how anyone has it in them to smile from January to March.

“You doing okay?”  Minseok swings his shopping bag.  Lu Han can see clusters of snowflakes starting to form white clumps on Minseok’s black gloves.  Even with his hands encased in fleece lined mittens and protected in his pockets, Lu Han’s fingers are going numb.

“Mm,” Lu Han grunts.  He doesn’t want to complain, not when this is the first time in weeks they’ve gotten to spend a whole Saturday together.

“Are you sure?”  Minseok blinks, his long lashes narrowing around his bright eyes.  “You look cold.”

“Understatement of the century,” Lu Han sniffs, and Minseok actually laughs.  “I mean it,” Lu Han says, trying not to whine.  It’s like he never completely warms up, even under the mound of fleecy blankets on their bed.  He won’t completely thaw until June, probably.

“Come on, you.”  Minseok wraps his gloved fingers around Lu Han’s wrist and starts pulling him, towards the nearest artsy looking cafe most likely.  “Let’s go get warm, and then we can head home.  Sound good?”

“You sure you’re all done shopping?” Lu Han says, although he might actually cry if Minseok decides to drag him through more of the stalls and little shops in Bukchon.  Up here on the steep, sloping streets the wind is worse than ever.

“Yup!  New hat, new sneakers -- I’m all good to go.  Except for, hm, some coffee.”  Minseok gives Lu Han’s wrist a little jerk as he speeds up his steps.

“I knew it,” Lu Han says, but it’s not an accusation or a complaint.  Knowing Minseok so well that he can predict his boyfriend’s whims and moods makes Lu Han feel even fonder.

Minseok turns back to grin at him, eyes flashing with anticipation, and this time Lu Han’s lips might quirk a little.  Just the teensiest, tinsiest bit.  Even though it’s February.

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