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[Team Three] And so we meet again

This is kind of unfinished, I guess? But I don't have the time or energy to edit it yet. I might at a later date.

Contains spoilers for Episode 48 (Final).
Is set after the series.

Next time a skirt, for sure.

Stinger made more mental notes as to what he should be making for a couple of people as he did his own rounds around the planets in the Scorpius System.

His home system had been hit particularly hard by Jark Matter, so recovery was slow. He helped as much as he could - considering that his duties as a Commander took up a lot of time - even if it was just something small like making clothes for some of the younglings in the camp.

With peace restored in the Galaxy, people had returned from their hideouts. Stinger had been overjoyed to find some survivors of the Scorpion Tribes and had helped them to resettle on their new home planets. The planet they had used to call home no longer existed after all. It was only one of many and seeing the devastation in some systems caused by the Dark Planetium experiments conducted by Professor Anton, Stinger sometimes felt the same kind of regret attacking him as when he had found out about what his brother had done.

“Thank you, Commander Stinger!” The little Scorplings waved and then went off to join their families again. Stinger waved after them and then made his way back to the Sasori Voyager to return to the Battle Orion Ship.


Stinger blinked when Raptor appeared on one of the screens. “Is something the matter?”

“Ah, I just thought I’d contact you to remind you that we need to make our way back to Earth soon. Or we will miss Tsurugi’s big speech. Rebellion was tasked with the security.”

“Right that was today,” Stinger checked the other monitors. “I should be back in a few minutes. Get everything ready to warp, Raptor. We can go as soon as I dock on.” He flipped a switch and the busters turned up to full power and full speed.


They made it back to Earth without a hitch. Stinger checked the premises with the other Rebellion members present and then ran through the schedule for the night.

Rebellion wasn’t so much providing protection for Tsurugi himself but more for all the guests who were in attendance. Many high ranked or important envoys from other planets had come - many had previously attended a meeting of the Galactic Council Tsurugi had created, or rather, re-created.

Stinger watched from afar as Tsurugi gave his speech on the stage and then in a ceremony, returned various treasures, which had been stolen by Jark Matter, to different planetary ambassadors so that they could be returned to their rightful places and owners.

“You guys did all that, right?” He looked at Naga, who was standing not too far away from him.

“Balance will get special honors for it from the delegation from his home planet later,” Naga nodded. “He was very excited about it. Agepoyo way.” There was slightly more emotion in his voice but it still wasn’t quite at a natural level yet. But the other was making progress, which made Stinger happy. The white haired male then looked straight at him, expression somewhat unreadable. “There is one more thing I found, though. One more treasure that needs to be returned. Would you come and take a look at it later?”

“Me?” Stinger blinked. “Why?”

“It’s something you should see.” Naga kept it vague.

They left once they were dismissed from Rebellion duties - there were enough others to go around and Stinger deserved a break, if it was up to Raptor.

Naga led him to a place at the outskirts of a district they had fought in before. Recovery efforts were evident all around them on Earth as well. It made Stinger wonder if they’d ever be done. Or if it would take all of their lifetimes to help and rebuild the Galaxy.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Naga stopped in front of a large, slightly run down looking building. While looking run down and old, it also emitted some kind of warmth, Stinger thought. Whoever lived in it did not care much about the state the building was in and just lived in it thankfully, thankful for having a roof over their head and four walls around them.

“Jiro?” Stinger blinked when the younger one of the Sakuma brothers hopped out from the building. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, big brother Stinger!” Jiro smiled and waved. “Ah, this is where some of my friends live. I come here to play sometimes when we all come home from school.”

Naga nodded, “It’s an orphanage. Jark Matter orphans from Earth have gathered here - humans and those from other planets alike. Of course those who lost their parents due to other reasons are also welcome.” He looked at the large building. “As you can see, their numbers are large.”

More children came out of the orphanage and Stinger could make out a couple of non-humans here and there among the group but all of them were laughing and smiling.

“This really is a treasure.” He whispered to himself.

Then he blinked when he noticed something. Crouching down, he stopped one of the kids. “You there, the scarves you’re all wearing look really nice. Did you make them yourselves?”

“Yes! Well, not all. Big brother Blacktail taught us how to make them but he usually makes most of them. He’s really good at it, too! We haven’t had to throw away any clothes because he knows how to repair them as well or make new ones. He made me this dress,” the girl replied with a big smile. She did a little twirl in her dress.

“Very cute,” Stinger smiled but his voice was trembling a little. He let the girl run on and then turned around to look at Naga. “You- this is not what I think it is, right? It’s impossible!”

Naga smiled at him, “BN’s motto isn’t to make the impossible possible. But we do pride ourselves in finding the most valuable treasures someone could think of.”

It answered nothing and yet everything. Stinger walked towards the building and stepped inside.

After looking through a couple of rooms, he arrived at the door to what looked like the main playroom. A few children were still scattered about there - some sitting a tables and drawing, some older ones immersed in knitting or crocheting work, some playing.

Amidst all the children Stinger could make out two taller figures, two adults.

One of them was a stranger to Stinger but the other was everything but that, although the other’s appearance had changed ever so slightly from the last time Stinger had seen him.

Scorpio was no longer wearing black but instead a sand coloured tunic with dark brown pants and an orange scarf. He resembled the kind older brother from Stinger’s childhood more but he looked a lot older now but also more carefree somehow.

“How is this possible?” Stinger’s throat suddenly felt dry. “He-”

“Balance had a theory,” Naga spoke up. “Don Armage might have absorbed him and his life energy when he threw the deathball at you on Earth. Just like he did during the final battle where he absorbed all life in the universe. None of you stayed to see what happened to him, right? And well, when we freed everyone, he might also have gotten out.”

“But Antares-”

“When we were all on the verge of death during the final battle, Don Armage absorbed us. He favors strong people. So he would have absorbed someone like your brother for sure.” Naga pointed out. “And who knows, maybe that process got rid of Antares. Just like it cured Tsurugi.”

Stinger was visibly shaking by now.

Naga turned serious, “But he doesn’t remember anything. I heard the lady who runs this orphanage picked him up one day and took him in and he has been here ever since, helping her take care of the children.”

They watched the children for a few moments in silence.

“You want to talk to him, right? You should go,” Naga looked at his friend.


“Just go, Stinger,” Naga took Stinger’s Commander coat from the other, though. So Stinger was only wearing his normal clothes, that somewhat resembled the ones Scorpio was wearing now.

He knew Naga was right. But it took a few tries for Stinger to be able to move his feet. Left, right, left, right, he set them in front of each other carefully and moved closer towards the other male across the room. Had he ever been this nervous before? He didn’t remember.

“Aniki,” Stinger approached the other slowly.

The black haired male turned to look at him. There was no recognition in his eyes. “You don’t look like one of the kids from here,” Scorpio rose from his seat and stepped closer to Stinger and then reached out to pat Stinger’s head. “But you do have a bit of the same look as they do.”

Stinger swallowed, it was difficult to talk. He tried but no words would come out. In the end, he just raised his tail for the other to see. Scorpio’s black one touched his tentatively, gently.


“You are a Scorpionman from the Scorpius System. Your home planet was destroyed. All members of the tribe you used to belong to are dead. All but one.” Stinger finally got out. “Your name is- Your name is Scorpio. And you’re my older brother.”

Scorpio looked at him for a long moment and then scrunched up some of Stinger’s hair gently.

“What is your name?”


“I see,” Scorpio smoothed the hair down again. “Stinger. I’m sorry if I am not the person you were expecting to find here. I’m sorry if I’m nothing like the older brother you remember. Because I do not remember anything at all. But,” he looked into Stinger’s eyes, “if I really was your older brother then I think you would be a little brother I could be very proud of. I do not know you but I can see that you are a good man. A strong man, who has seen far too much for his age but who has a good heart.”

Hearing those words, Stinger could no longer control his emotions. He broke into tears. He didn’t even know why exactly he was crying, there were too many things getting mixed together.

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