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[team two] Irresistible

I'm sorry, this is all I got >_<

“Again?” Taiga groans, waking to the sensation of Hokuto’s fingers fluttering over his abs. Hokuto just hums softly as his fingers sink lower, circling just once around his bellybutton before moving down to the waistband of Taiga’s boxers. “I’m tired.” Taiga whines, but as Hokuto’s fingers slip beneath the elastic, he can already feel the stirrings of arousal.

“I’ll do all the work...” Hokuto promises but it’s not like Taiga needs any convincing, not really, he’s already half way hard before Hokuto’s hand has even wrapped properly around him.

“You’re insatiable...” Taiga complains, but he rocks his hips up to meet Hokuto’s hand all the same.

Hokuto hums like he likes that a lot. “I’m not...” he counters. “The problem is that you’re irresistible”

It's your turn sanadas_sanity

Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: thesecretdoor
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