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[Team Three] Invisible

“Strange,” Hagakure giggled. “I can see your fingers inside me!” When Uraraka wiggled her fingers in response, Hagakure moaned.

“I didn’t expect that,” Uraraka admitted, her cheeks pink, “because food kind of vanishes when you eat it.”

Hagakure’s socks moved farther apart as she spread her legs wider, inviting her girlfriend to do more. Uraraka curled her fingers, watching the movement in fascination. It totally was strange - she could feel Hagakure’s soft, slick folds, but to her eye it looked as if there was nothing there.

Hagakure had kept her bra on, to make it easier for Uraraka to find her breasts, and two cute pink hairclips helped aim for a kiss. Their kiss started out sweet, but grew heated quickly, tongues moving slickly together. Uraraka wondered faintly if her tongue became invisible while it was inside Hagakure’s mouth.

Uraraka trailed kisses over Hagakure’s face, mapping her features with her lips. By this point, she probably knew Hagakure’s face as well as anyone could. She nibbled on her earlobe and if she had been just a little less embarrassed, she would have whispered in her ear all the naughty things she planned to do. “You’re lucky no one can see you blush,” she muttered instead, her own cheeks quite pink.

“Tickles,” Hagakure giggled, squirming away from Uraraka’s breath against her ear.

Uraraka did it again, this time on purpose. She licked the shell of Hagakure’s dainty ear, then blew on it just to make her squirm.

“Noo, you meanie.” Hagakure pushed at Uraraka’s shoulders playfully, not wanting her to stop at all.

Uraraka nibbled on Hagakure’s earlobe, then kissed her way down her neck. She feathered kisses over Hagakure’s breasts, tugging her bra out of the way to get at her nipples. Hagakure’s nipples pebbled under her attentions, drawing up tight as she licked and sucked them, and Hagakure’s sweet moans and gasps did a lot to assuage Uraraka’s embarrassment.

Tugging Hagakure’s cute pink bra back into place, Uraraka moved down, kissing and nipping at her skin. There wasn’t much point in leaving a hickey when no one could even see it, but Uraraka did anyway, sucking on the soft skin over Hagakure’s left hipbone until she was sure there was a mark, no matter how invisible.

Hagakure spread her legs invitingly, fluffy socks gliding across the sheets. Uraraka would have liked to have tasted her, but didn’t quite dare, so she went back to touching with her fingers. Hagakure’s thighs were slender, her skin soft, and Uraraka could never get enough of touching her.

“Ochako-chan…” Hagakure murmured, not quite saying what she wanted but Uraraka could guess.

Slowly, teasingly, she trailed her fingers up Hagakure’s inner thigh and between her legs. Teasing was a bit difficult when she had to go entirely by touch, but on the other hand, she could actually see what her fingers were doing inside, so she figured that sort of balanced itself out.

She slipped two fingers back into Hagakure, slow and gentle. Hagakure was slick and ready, moaning eagerly at the touch. Uraraka curled her fingers, watching in amusement how her fingers seemed to move in the empty air. She moved her fingers in and out, fingerfucking her girlfriend until she was gasping and squirming.

“Ohh,” Hagakure moaned. Dips in the mattress showed where she was digging her fingers in. “Harder!”

Next up is mousapelli!
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