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[team one] Snow

Yeah I was going to finish this but work is not being kind to me these days.

It is still weird for him to wake up to a room that’s quiet and peaceful. For the better part of five years, Wonwoo has woken up to Soonyoung’s constant, high-pitched shrieks, usually into Wonwoo’s ears, followed by a low snarl from Jihoon’s bed, telling Soonyoung to ”shut your fucking mouth before I glue your lips together”. To which, of course, Soonyoung asks him if Jihoon’s going to glue Soonyoung’s lips to Jihoon’s, and the war has begun. Wonwoo knows that more sleep is out of the question. Junhui, who could sleep through a monsoon, would still be asleep, of course. Lucky guy. Soonyoung’s mindset is that if he can’t sleep, no one else can sleep either.

After almost three months, Wonwoo still wakes up with his heart beating quickly in his chest, when he can’t hear Soonyoung’s shrieks first thing in the morning. Something feels wrong, something feels off and Wonwoo always fears that something has happened. It’s not as if he misses waking up to soul-ripping shrieks; it’s more that it has been a habit for so many years that Wonwoo feels that his room up in the attic is empty. It lacks something, even though it’s not that big; it’s much smaller than the room he had shared with the three other boys. This is purely logical because Wonwoo’s new room is only supposed to accommodate Wonwoo himself and his mate, even though it, for now, only accommodates him.

Eyelids still heavy with sleep, Wonwoo stretches while still lying in bed; his arms slipping underneath his two pillows, bare feet poking over the edge of the bed as his back cracks and Wonwoo groans, pleased, burying his face in the closest of the pillows, inhaling sharply as he stretches a bit further, to make his spine pop once more. Exhaling through his nose, he lets his body shrink back to a more comfortable position as he looks up over the low headboard of his bed and out of the window in front of it.

It’s snowing. Huge snowflakes are falling down from the sky, huddled together as they melt on Wonwoo’s window. It’s a hypnotizing view. Wonwoo can barely make out the big, old oak in front of their pack house; all covered in snow. It must have been snowing all night.

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