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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol outtake

I haven't even considered Jinsol losing yet. That'll be fun, when it happens.

The control Jinsol shows every time she runs never fails to surprise her parents.

“Did Sunny run?” Kyungsoo asks Chanyeol. “I still don’t know how she got into football and running.”

Chanyeol shrugs. “I don’t think so? I think Sunny liked dancing, but we didn’t really talk. I don’t know whether it was something they did together, or whether Jinsol just discovered a love for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just picked it up, though. You know her.”

Kyungsoo does. Jinsol is a fast learner, and still has a thirst for learning new skills—sport and education alike—, even as a twelve year old; this was the age Kyungsoo started hating everything related to school. Teachers, coursework, exams, subjects in general. The only enjoyment he had was their weekly sports classes. He enjoyed those. Since he’s always been small, he’s always bulked up, to look more threatening to bullies and others who pick on short boys. It’s made many sports easy for him, and definitely helped him during his time in the military.

They’re currently waiting for Jinsol’s four hundred metre race, the first of the year, to begin. Jinsol’s been working her way up steadily for years and is now comfortable racing six hundred metres, but her school won’t let her participate in official races yet. Jinsol likes four hundred metres well enough; it’s just one time around the track. Easy stuff.

The girls who are racing all get into their starting positions and wait for the starting signal. Where Jinsol used to wave at them before her races, she now stays focused and ignores them until after the race. When asked, she told Chanyeol that seeing them puts her off.

When the whistle goes, Jinsol is off, prompt and fast as always. She’s got better at managing her speed, the longer she raced; she now isn’t always the first off the line, and she paces herself as she goes around the track. But it helps her to gain the strength and the speed to take the finish line comfortably.

This is only the first race, so the win doesn’t mean as much as it will when Jinsol reaches the finals (there might be an if one day, but it’s not yet), but her dads are still unbelievably proud of her.

“Let’s go out for dinner tonight,” Kyungsoo says, once they’re heading home after her race. “What would you like to eat?”

“Pancakes and bibim naengmyeon,” she says very seriously, a far cry from the six year old who couldn’t have spicy food. These days, she loves it.

“Well, alright then,” Kyungsoo says. “Pancakes and bibim naengmyeon it is.”

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