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[Team Three] Till You're Better

Title: Till You're better
Fandom: Love-Tune
Pairing: Yasui/Aran
Summary: Yasui visits Aran while he's sick to check up on him.
A/N: This is my first attempt at LT, I've got some work to do to get a hold of them still, but for a first try I don't think I did TOO badly. This was fuumarshmallow doing. (I also don't have a LT icon...)

Always, Yasui was always worried about his members. In particular, Aran, who had a habit of working himself to being too sick to work. This wasn’t the first time Aran had to stay home from work, and Yasui was sure that it wasn’t going to be the last. Aran had been messaging him, saying he was fine and that he could totally come back tomorrow, and Yasui didn’t believe it. So with a deep breath he rang the doorbell.

Aran’s mother answered the door, her smiled brightened when she saw Yasui in the door, a box in his hands. “Yasui-kun! So good to see you, please come in,” she lead him into the house with a smile. He handed her the cake he had bought and walked through the house to Aran’s room. He had been there plenty of times before. He knocked on the door, but didn’t wait for a response. Yasui walked into the slightly messy room and looked at Aran, who looked up from his book. His cheeks were a little flushed, but he looked considerably better than the last time Yasui had saw him. Aran’s face light up when he saw him, he put a bookmark in his book and put it to the side. “I’m sooo bored! I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow,” Aran looked so pleased with himself, and Yasui tsked and looked away. He would be the actual judge of whether Aran could return to them tomorrow.

“Hmmm,” Yasui looked Aran over, though his face was red he wasn’t sniffling or coughing like he was. His voice was only slightly scratchy, but was obviously over the worst of it. Yasui sat down on the bed and put his hand on Aran’s forehead, he was hot to the touch, his face getting redder, but he wasn’t so hot that Yasui thought that Aran had a high fever. “Well, as long as your fever goes away, I guess it’s ok.”

Yasui moved away, his own face grew hot as he caught sight of Aran’s big eyes. Aran didn’t let him escape, and moved so their faces were close. Yasui was about to move away completely, but he felt Aran’s soft lips on his own. They were rough, slightly chapped, but warm. Yasui kissed him back, letting the younger male have his way without too much fuss. He felt fingers thread through his hair, and tug slightly, Yasui let out a loud moan, his mouth opened enough that Aran could slid their tongues together. Just as Yasui could feel his body growing interested, they heard a knock on the door. They pulled apart quickly, both red in the face as Aran’s mother walked in with a smile. She was carrying a tray of drinks and snacks for them. She put them down on the low table and gave Yasui a wink, “Now I know he’s feeling better, but lets try to not get him too wound up for tonight at least.” She left, not waiting for either boy to respond. Yasui stared open mouthed, bright red as he tried to process what just happened.

Aran coughed, his own eyes wide. His face was fully flushed as his hide his face in his hands. The sight was absolutely adorable, and Yasui couldn’t resist pushing Aran’s hands aside and kissing him again. “She’s right, until you’re better no more,” he said it between kisses and Aran hummed noncommittally. He pulled Yasui so that the older male was on top of him. They continued to kiss for a few minutes before Yasui pulled away and got off the bed. Aran pouted at him, but Yasui gave him a glare.

Aran rolled his eyes, but he smiled when Yasui began to offer to feed him. “You owe me when I’m all better,” the mischief returned to Aran’s eyes. Yasui rolled his eyes but smiled.

“Sure, when you are better.”

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