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[Team One] Senior Crush

Hey look, I managed to do something this round!!

Lu Han's arms aren't impressive. They're actually on the scrawny side. Junmyeon tilts his head, the end of his pen scraping along his bottom lip as he stares at Lu Han from across the classroom.

It's a pleasant spring day, and the windows are open. The only reason Junmyeon's mind even wandered to Lu Han is because a light breeze saw fit to spin through the room, ruffling Lu Han's hair in such a way that he looked like a prince in one of the manga Jongin reads. Junmyeon, not one to pass up the opportunity to admire beauty, has been mindlessly staring at Lu Han for the last fifteen minutes.

There was a time, near the beginning of the year, when Junmyeon thought he had a crush on Lu Han. He'd laughed it off after mulling it over for a night. He refuses to fall into the cliche of having the hots for the captain of the football team.

The bell rings and the sudden noise brings Junmyeon back to his senses. He scrambles to put his notebook away, standing to file out of the room with the rest of his classmates. He nudges his way through a group of taller kids, nose wrinkled. He's only just made it out into the hallway when a solid body slams into him, knocking him back against the lockers. Junmyeon's books drop to the floor as he lets out a wheeze.

"Whoa," comes the voice of his assailant.

Junmyeon raises his eyes to glare at the guy, only to feel the heat rush into his cheeks. Of course it's Lu Han.

"I'm really sorry," Lu Han says, crouching to start gathering Junmyeon's dropped books as his friends snicker in the background. "Assholes pushed me," he adds when he stands again, offering Junmyeon his things.

"No harm," Junmyeon replies, a little concerned with the eager way Lu Han's friends are eyeing the pair of them from across the hall.

Lu Han smiles at him, and Junmyeon's heart flips, his arm warm where Lu Han's hand rests. "Good," Lu Han says. "Now let's get to class before we're late."

Junmyeon nods, swallowing down the lump in his throat. He watches as Lu Han walks away, willing himself not to wistfully sigh. Oh yeah, he's totally got this not crush under control.

your turn cairistiona! XD
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