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[Team Three] Connected

With the permission of mousapelli, I am taking over from here.

“Get fancier packaging, this is a lady we’re talking about, Nossan. She might not be completely human but she’s still a lady,” Ian chided when he saw what Nobuharu was working on. “Are you sure you don’t need or at least wand a hand with that?”

“It’s the inside that counts. But I guess you don’t count as someone who appreciates that,” the other retorted and then put the present into a bag. “I will be off now. Toodles!” And with a flash of light, the oldest of the Kyoryugers disappeared from the Spirit Base.

Ian shrugged, “Oh my.”

Looking at the clock he sighed. He still had a lot of time. Since nobody else was around the base, there was really no point in sticking around, considering he didn’t have a lot to do. Or anything at all. He’d finished the book he brought and well, all of his girlfriends seemed to be busy as well. It was a season of happiness and peace.

After leaving the base, Ian wandered around a little in search of something to pass the time with when he spotted a familiar figure inside one of the shops at the nearby mall.

“Genryu-san,” Ian approached the older male. “It’s rare to see you here?” He took in the other’s appearance. “And it’s even rarer to see you in these.” The master of the Rippukan Dojo was not wearing his traditional Japanese attire for once but had donned a modern and fashionable looking suit. It looked like he wasn’t feeling quite comfortable in it, though.

“Ah, Ian,” Genryu acknowledged him. Then his face brightened up a little, “Maybe you’re just the person I need right now! I haven’t really worn something like this in a long time and I’m afraid I do not quite remember how to do it.”

Ian gave the other a once over. “I can see that. What’s the occasion?”

“It’s a secret from Souji for now but his mother and I have decided to rekindle maybe at least a friendship between the two of us. After we were able to clear up some of the misunderstandings and after Souji opened our eyes we decided to give it another try.” Genryu smiled. “We’re keeping it from Souji for now because he might think that we’re just doing it for him or because if him and he would definitely be against that.”

“That sounds like him,” Ian nodded. “Well, how about changing some of this…” He grabbed a few other pieces of clothing from a nearby rack and handed them to Genryu. “Coordinating the right outfit is essential here. Also, your ex-wife isn’t just anyone but a fashion designer. You have set the hurdle pretty high for yourself.”

Ganryu grinned, “It’s a duel.”

“Sure is,” Ian chuckled and then waited for Genryu to get changed.

They made it just in time for Genryu to go to the place he and Reiko had arranged. Ian gave the older male a thumbs up and then checked his watch. Well, that had killed a lot of time. And yet he still had some to spare. As he left the mall, he got an idea..

Smiling, Ian pulled out his communicator and wrote a message.

The reply came when he arrived at his apartment. Ian smiled and sent a short reply back.

An hour or so later, the doorbell rang and Ian went to open the door. “Hello there, Boy. Found your way over okay?”

“I come here quite often, thank you.” Souji rolled his eyes and then shoved his way past Ian to get inside and take off his shoes. Then he stopped. “Something smells good?”

“What? Didn’t think I could actually cook?” Ian pretended to be offended. “King isn’t the only guy who travelled and got around you know? And newbie archeologists don’t earn that much unless we find something that is of value or interest.”

Souji stepped into the apartment and put his bags down by the sofa. He took off his blazer and was about to reach for his necktie when Ian got ahead of him. “Pervert, did you just invite me over because you were-” he was silenced by a finger on his lips.

“Nah. It’s just more fun this way,” Ian pushed a change of clothes into Souji’s hands. “There. Take your time. If you want to shower you can do that, too.”

Ian went back to the kitchen to continue what he had been doing there. A few of the things he was preparing still needed his attention.

Souji came out of the bathroom again when Ian had just finished setting the table. He raised an eyebrow when he surveyed it. “I was expecting something simple. Not this. Did something happen? Did you hit your head or something?” He walked over to look Ian in the eyes.

“You wound me, Boy.” Ian feigned hurt. “The ladies like it?”

That answer seemed to reassure Souji more than anything. “Ah. You must have done something like this for some of your girlfriends, right? I guess that’s why you’re good at it. Sorry for questioning your sanity for a moment there.”

“When did you learn how to tease, Boy?” now it was Ian’s turn to raise an eyebrow and he wrapped an arm around Souji to keep the other from walking away.

“When I started dating some guy called Ian Yorkland. Pretty flashy and confident guy on the outside, you know? But actually very soft on the insi-gnmpph.” This time Ian didn’t simply silence the other with a finger but with his lips.

“I’ll need to have a talk with that guy. He’s ruining you.” Ian let go of Souji and straightened up. “Well, you must be hungry, right? So let’s eat. Or things will get cold.” He chuckled when he felt Souji glaring daggers at him from behind. Two could play this game. And if he had been the teacher then he should still have a little bit of an advantage.

Dinner passed in a pleasant silence - Ian smiled when he saw Souji digging in. School and kendo practice did that to an adolescent male. As grown up as Souji was though, the other still blinked at him in genuine surprise when Ian set down a melon soda float in front of him later.

“You never have-”

“Well, then I guess I went and bought some. Since you like it so much,” Ian poked the other’s forehead. “That’s one of those things that people do in a relationship, you know?”

Souji muttered a soft thanks and then took a sip from the sugary beverage. He looked happy.

Ian was about to get up again but a pair of hands on his shoulders kept him from doing so and the next moment he tasted vanilla. Souji initiating kisses - or anything else - still sent pleasant tingles down Ian’s spine. Maybe it was because Souji just somehow made it known that he loved him back, that the felt the same way about Ian as Ian did for him.

It was something that all of his relationships with his ‘girlfriends’ were lacking. Had been lacking.

When Souji pulled away, the younger male murmured softly, “I’m staying over tonight.”

“Says who?”


Ian leaned in for seconds then.

A few days later found Ian at the Tiger Boy restaurant. Daigo and Utsusemimaru were to return from one of their trips abroad and the group had decided to come together to greet them. The party took a bit of a turn when Nobuharu announced that he had confessed to the woman he loved and was - lo and behold - going to get married.

“That’s super brave, Nossan!” Daigo cheered.

Things then turned into a bit of a neighborhood festival than just a private party. Apparently Daigo and Nobuharu had taken the liberty of inviting a few more people. It surprised nobody.

Reiko walked up to stand next to Ian when he was in the middle of observing Daigo teaching some kind of weird wedding and bonding ritual that he and Utsusemimaru had apparently witnessed on their travels. His smile was both pained and fond at the same time. 

“That outfit Genryu was wearing was your doing, wasn’t it, Ian? There is no way he could have put something like that together himself.” Souji’s mother crossed her arms as she followed Ian’s line of sight and then found Souji trying to keep people out of trouble amidst the chaos.

“Was it not to your liking?” Ian asked.

She chuckled softly, “Oh no, don’t worry about that. I appreciated it. Although I did feel a little bit like a prim and proper Japanese maiden getting whisked away by some bad boy.” She held out her phone for him. A picture was on the screen that showed Genryu in the outfit Ian had helped him put together the other day and Reiko. The latter was wearing a light green kimono emblazoned with the family crest of the Rippukan Clan. It was quite a stark contrast.

Ian laughed softly, “I see.” His smile was warm when he looked at Reiko again. “I’m glad it went well?” The smiles on the picture spoke more than a thousand words.

She gave him a look and then walked over to her son.

“Souji,” Reiko looked the teen.

“What is it, mother?” He looked back at her.

She smiled, “Whenever you’re ready to tell us but your father and I approve of him as a son in law.” Reiko nodded her head towards Ian and then gave her son a smile before she disappeared into her car and the driver shut the door behind her.

“Wait, what? How-”

The window was rolled down, “I’m your mother, Souji.” Reiko deadpanned and then gave a small wave before the car drove off, leaving a dumbfounded teenager behind.

Souji turned around, “Ian, what on earth just happened?”

“Uhm, your guess is as good as mine, Boy.” Ian shrugged. “But a wise man did say once that mothers are scary creatures and deserve our utmost respect. Always.”

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