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[Team One] Bedtime

[  Trigger warning for implied eating issues.  ]

Minseok is worried but Lu Han just wants to sleep.

“Take it! Just take it.” Minseok waves the plastic baggie and Lu Han looks up at him with round, staring eyes. He’s pale, his skin almost yellow looking around his mouth. Even his dark eyes look somehow paler, Minseok thinks. Like time is sucking the life force out of him and leaving him blank.

Lu Han shakes his head. The movement is slow and wobbles a bit, as if he doesn’t have the energy to be vehement anymore.

“Please, you have to eat. Eat something,” Minseok whispers, because his helplessness is expanding inside his chest like a toxic bloom the longer he maintains eye contact with the blankness in Lu Han. Like the life force is being sucked out of Minseok, too, by this emptiness.

“Let’s just go to sleep, Minseokkie.” Lu Han knocks the bag of cereal pieces out of Minseok’s hand. It hits the floor but doesn’t spill. Minseok kicks it under the bed just before Lu Han snaps off the bedside lamp so they won’t step on it in the morning.

Lu Han wraps his long arms around Minseok’s chest with surprising strength for his weakened limbs and tugs him onto the mattress. “Goodnight, Minseokkie.”

Minseok closes his eyes against the dark. He counts the slow breaths that fan from Lu Han’s mouth against his cheek, feeling his breathing start to align. Maybe Lu Han will be better in the morning. Maybe he’ll eat a real breakfast tomorrow. Minseok can only keep trying and hope for the best. And sleep. They should just sleep.

He pulls up the blanket around them and lets his body go still in the circle of Lu Han’s arms.

Your turn next, thesockmonster !
Tags: *team one, fandom: exo, love ranger: miyeokguk, warning: might contain triggers
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