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[Team 2] Tinder boys

So I posted a little snippet of a Yabu/Yamada fic I was working on like...2 month ago?? I finally officially started the thing. I'm just glad the ending words fit with how i wanted this fic to start. Enjoy!

Down the hallway he stomped, passing dorm room after dorm room to get to his destination, eyes locked on the prize. Three doors then two and finally one until he arrived, throwing open the door like he lived there.

Yamada watched Daiki jump when the door slammed open, and he tossed his phone to his friend.

“I can’t believe Tinder boys,” he shouted, slamming the door behind him. Daiki juggled the phone a few times before getting a firm grip around it. “Look at that shit one of them sent me.”

He heard Daiki snicker over his phone, and Yamada shot a glare in his direction.

“What?” Daiki said. He kept scrolling through the messages that had been exchanged. “’Show ass’ isn’t even the worst thing someone sent you.”

Yamada felt himself starting to get ruffled. “It’s the principle of it all!” Yamada said. “All I want to do is find someone to cuddle with and to take me on dates. Is that so difficult?”

“Maybe it’s the guys you’re swiping right on,” Daiki said. “What’s your type? Who usually catches your attention first?”

He didn’t think he had a type. Thinking back to the guys he selected, the ones that caught his interest, there hadn’t been one quality that linked them together. Someone on their profile had caught Yamada’s attention, whether it was a photo or a few words on their profile.

“In other word, tall, dark, and dangerous,” Daiki said, showing off a few of the boys Yamada had matched with. “Believe me, there’s more. You definitely have a type.”

“Shut up,” Yamada whined, crossing to where Daiki sat and tried to snatch his phone back.

“Then let’s prove it,” Daiki said. He held firmly onto the phone and showed the screen to Yamada. “What about him?”

The man was definitely beautiful. Hair just long enough his bangs reached his cheeks, dark piercing eyes that stared through the camera. He had the body of a model, the clothes of an actor. Yamada wouldn’t have thought twice about swipping right.

Daiki swept left.

Yamada punched him in the shoulder. “What the hell! That guy was perfect. Take it back, you asshole. I want to see if we matched.”

“Which is exactly why I did it,” Daiki said. “Trust me on this. I’m going to find you someone sweet to date or my name isn’t Arioka Daiki.”

“You’re a stupid best friend,” Yamada muttered.

“Yeah, but I’m your best friend,” Daiki grinned. He swiped left on a few people before showing Yamada the phone again. “What do you think of this guy?”

The second was, for lack of better word, plain. A smile across his face took away any shape to his eyes, crinkling them. Brown locks brushed his eyebrows, and his clothing was a tad too big for him.

“He’s…alright.” Before Daiki could swipe in either direction, Yamada grabbed his wrist. “Daiki, no.”

“Don’t be so shallow,” Daiki said, shaking off Yamada’s hand. “Trust me. This is for your own good.”

The second the man’s profile disappeared to the right of the screen his photo reappeared next to Yamada’s signaling a match. It was the first time he noticed the man’s name written, Yabu.

Daiki cheered. “I told you to trust me. Now, let’s think of a good first message. What do you usually send people?”

“Wanna fuck?”


“I’m joking!” Yamada shouted. “I’m not exactly the best a this whole romance thing. Guys usually message me first.”

“Well, I can believe that,” Daiki said, handing Yamada’s phone back to him. “That Yabu guy already responded.”

It wasn’t a long message, not at all. A single word followed by what felt like a thousand exclamation marks.


“This….” Yamada began, but words failed him. Another message pinged the another and another, as if the other man was furiously typing away.

This has to be a joke.

Someone so beautiful like you wouldn’t look twice at me.

This has to be someone I know.


Is this you?

“What is he saying?” Daiki asked, trying to peak at Yamada’s phone screen.

“Let me think,” Yamada said, swatting Daiki away.

He typed quickly before Yabu would respond with another message of his own, talk him further into believe Yamada wasn’t real.

No, I’m definitely real! And this wasn’t a mistake.

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