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[Team Four] The Basement

In which Takao has an unplanned adventure after basketball practice.

"I would've died in Shuutoku's basement," Takao cried. "You saved me!"

Midorima fidgeted as Takao clung to him. "How, exactly, did you get locked in the school basement?" he asked. Takao had been right next to him heading to the locker room after practice, chattering and fiddling with Midorima's lucky item like usual, completely ignoring whether such company was desired or not. Then, they had parted ways to shower, but Takao hadn't reappeared. Midorima had been on the verge of leaving without him when he had heard muffled shouting coming from behind the door at the back of the storage closet.

"I didn't mean to get stuck down there. But Ohtsubo came back while you were still in the shower and said we were still missing a few basketballs, and then Miyaji started yelling, and so I went to help look for them, and then when I was putting the last couple away, one fell out of the bin and rolled down the basement stairs. I went after it, but it's dark down there, and I tripped on the stairs—"

"Don't you have your Hawk Eye?"

"It's Hawk Eye, Shin-chan, not Owl Eye or something. It's useless in the dark."

"So you tripped on the stairs, but that still doesn't explain how you ended up stuck down there."

"Because I reached for something to catch my balance, you know how it happens, and the first thing I grabbed was the door handle, but that pulled it shut, and it turns out it's locked from the other side. Why does it lock like that, Shin-chan? Is there something in the basement they don't want to get loose in the school? I swear I heard something scuttling around down there while I was looking for the ball. What if you hadn't found me in time and it had eaten me, Shin-chan? What if no one had ever seen me again?"

"I'm sure it was just a mouse," he said, "or your own footsteps echoing off the walls. Now that you're free, and no monsters came out of the closet with you, go shower."

"I already showered."

Midorima wrinkled his nose as he tried to pry Takao's arms loose without touching him any more than necessary. "You're covered in dust, and cobwebs, and who-know-what. Go shower."

"I don't have anything to change into; I'll shower when I get home. Promise."

Midorima sighed. "They'll be too big, but I have a spare pair of warmups in my locker you can borrow."

"Really, Shin-chan!? Thank you!"

Midorima quickly put out his arms to stop Takao from hugging him again; there was already more dust on his uniform than he cared to think about. "I'll wait for you here."

"You're the best, Shin-chan."

He was only waiting because Takao was his ride home, or at least that's what Midorima told himself.

You're up prillalar
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