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[team one] untitled

Queen of never finishing anything? That's me. But well, exams are coming up.

“First things first,” said the stranger. His gun was pointed at Sanghyuk, unwavering. “What are your intentions?”

“I- can you lower that thing? I’m not equipped to hurt you,” said Sanghyuk, hands in the air. Well, he had his own gun in his belt, but looking at how ready this elf was to shoot him, he had no doubt that a bullet would be in his skull before he even got his hands on that gun. Besides, there was a reason he deserted; he wouldn’t have been able to kill the stranger even if he was tied up in front of Sanghyuk.

He never quite was fit to be a soldier.

“If you don’t plan to hurt me, then me holding this here will not hurt you.” The elf raised a brow, and Sanghyuk sighed, lowering his head in submission.

Gun still in his hand, the elf cocked his head. “Now. What are your intentions?” he repeated.

“I don’t have an agenda,” said Sanghyuk. “Not looking for trouble, just a place to be in peace.”

“With a uniform like that? Sounds like a load of shit,” the stranger spit. As he looked over Sanghyuk’s uniform, an expression flashed across his face that Sanghyuk couldn’t quite decipher, unsure of whether it was simply anger, or fear. His finger tightened on the trigger. “Tell me the truth, boy.”

“I’m not looking to hurt anyone, certainly not you, or your kind,” Sanghyuk insisted, panic slowly rising in his throat. This guy could really shoot him if he doesn’t say the right thing, but he has no idea what the right thing is if the truth isn’t good enough. “Please. I’ll leave you alone if you just let me go. You won’t have to see me again.”

“You’d never leave me alone,” said the elf. “You humans always go hounding after us at every opportunity, why would I let you li-”

“I’m a deserter, okay?!” Sanghyuk burst out. He squeezed his eyes closed to prevent tears from spilling. “I deserted and left my unit. I don’t want to die. I’m a fucking coward who doesn’t dare fire a gun at anything living. I just want to go somewhere I can live. So can you please stop aiming your gun at me?”

He didn’t dare open his eyes in the long silence that followed, praying silently that the elf had a heart somewhere under the ice cold exterior, that he heard the very real panic in his voice, that he would let him live. Sanghyuk was far from a threat. His unit members had teased him about his soft heart in training; if they had known how scared he really was, would they have said anything?

Finally, an audible sigh brought him back to the present situation. Carefully, he opened his eyes, to see the elf putting his gun in his belt, and had to restrain himself so as to not let out a pathetic sob of relief as he straightened himself up. “Thank you.”

“I wouldn’t have killed you unless you posed a real threat,” said the elf, casting his gaze away, out towards the trees, far away from Sanghyuk. “You’re not the only one who’s a coward.”

You're up miyeokguk!
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