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[team two] first time for everything

As much as I don't want to ship Yamada x Honda Tsubasa...I almost...kinda do? And I definitely ship Yamada x Suda Masaki, and apparently Suda and Honda are dating? So naturally this was gonna happen...I did intend to write more (like the actual smut part) but I'm gonna be away from home for a few days starting tomorrow so I thought I'd better just get something posted!!

“Everything alright?” Tsubasa asks in her usual carefree way as she leads the way, and then she continues “Have you ever done anything like this before?” as easily as though she’s asking if he’s ever eaten ice cream or something.

“No.” Yamada answers honestly, rubbing his sweaty hands against his jeans as they make their way along the corridor to her apartment door.

“Nothing?” she turns to ask when they reach it, that slight teasing tone to her voice as she raises her eyebrows.

Yamada glowers at her as much as his nerves will let him “I’ve done...stuff”. Her eyebrows just raise even further but he’s not about to elaborate while they’re still technically in public.

Masaki is already there waiting for them. When Tsubasa opens the door he’s lounging on a large three-seater sofa but he gets up when they enter and greets Tsubasa with a light kiss on the forehead. He holds out his fist in Yamada’s direction and Yamada knows he’s supposed to bump it with his own, they’ve greeted each other that way for years and yet somehow the idea of touching Masaki is suddenly very daunting.

“Having second thoughts?” Masaki asks as his hand falls back to his side. “I’m not really into the whole ‘non-consensual thing’...”

“Liar.” Tsubasa cuts in with mischievous grin and her hand tightens in the front of Masaki’s T-shirt, pulling him in for a kiss.

“Only when it’s pretending.” Masaki says in defence but the words are smothered by Tsubasa’s lips as he turns to face her properly, one arm wrapping around her waist as he kisses her back.

Yamada feels like he’s intruding, and for the first time since Tsubasa proposed the idea weeks ago, he does actually have second thoughts. He feels nervous and uncomfortable, but as they continue kissing in front of him, Masaki’s tongue visible for a brief flash before it licks it’s way between Tsubasa’s lips, he starts to feel a little excited too.

He can’t even say which one of them he’s most interested in. In all honesty he’s more physically attracted to Masaki, he leans more towards men in general and yet the thought of seeing a whole new side to Tsubasa is very appealing. He’s always seen her as more tomboy than a girl and that gap, the gap between that side of her he knows and the very real, raw femininity of her body has him eager to see more. It could be either of them he’s interested in, each of them, or maybe it’s both of them together, that strange union of two very different relationships, that melding of two different areas of his life.

It’s not until his hand moves subconsciously to his belt that they break apart. It’s Tsubasa that turns to him first and he can already see the difference, her cheeks are delicately flushed, her kiss swollen lips are redder, plumper, more appealing. “I don’t think he’s having second thoughts.” Tsubasa says and there’s a new airiness to her voice that has Yamada sucking his bottom lip between his teeth. “Can I?” she says, turning to Masaki again, and Masaki kisses her lips once more before nodding and urging her in Yamada’s direction.

She moves slowly towards him, her arms coming out to wrap around his neck once she’s close enough and her eyes are practically sparkling at him.”You look really pretty.” Yamada tells her and Tsubasa smiles softly.

“So do you.” she answers, and then her eyes slide to his lips before fluttering closed and then she leans in to kiss him. It’s unlike any kiss he’s ever had, it’s soft, and gentle, the brush of her lips almost a caress and the fact that it’s Tsubasa, feisty, tomboyish Tsubasa only excites him more.

He exhales hard as his hands move to her waist, pulling her close to him and his lips move faster against her supple, compliant ones. He moans quietly as he loses himself in it easily, forgetting entirely for a few moments that they’re not alone.

It’s a hand on his cheek that reminds him of Masaki’s presence, and he pulls away to turn and look at Masaki’s face, to try and gauge Masaki’s reaction because he said it was OK...but Yamada wasn’t sure. Masaki doesn’t seem perturbed, if anything its excitement rather than anger in his eyes and then fingers on Yamada’s cheek move back into his hair and Masaki leans down to kiss him.

Masaki’s kiss is nothing like Tsubasa’s, Masaki is rough, his lips demanding and before long his tongue is pressing eagerly between Yamada’s lips. The hand not in Yamada’s hair slides between Yamada and Tsubasa’s bodies, and Yamada feels a slight whooshing in his stomach moments before it rubs against Yamada’s hardening cock. “Shall we go through to the bedroom?” Masaki says, pulling away moments later and Yamada nods quickly before being led down the hallway.

It's your turn sanadas_sanity

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