orangegreenlove (orangegreenlove) wrote in writetomyheart,

[Team Three] Sand

The worst thing about rescue training was the sand. Sand got everywhere and into everything. Standing under the shower spray, Uraraka scrubbed at her scalp. There was sand in her hair, in her ears, between her toes and everywhere in between. Grains of sand were too small for her quirk to work on them, and anyway, it wasn’t like she could touch a thousand grains of sand stuck all over her body to make them float away.

“Ughhh,” came from the next shower stall, where Hagakure was clearly having the same issue.

“Sand sucks,” Uraraka said with feeling.

“Tell me about it,” Hagakure agreed. “I’ve got sand absolutely everywhere. At least you get to wear clothes!”

Next up is mousapelli!
Tags: *team three, fandom: boku no hero academia, love ranger: orangegreenlove
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