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[Team Three] We all wear masks

I don't know why I'm writing Halloween fic about Elementary in January either.

“All the best ones are taken already,” Sherlock sighs. “This will have to do.”

In one hand, he holds up a Mexican wrestling mask which Joan just glares at instead of taking, and in the other, a baseball umpire mask which Marcus just side-eyes.

“We don’t do undercover work,” Marcus points out.

“Nonsense,” Sherlock replies, getting tired of waiting and finally just shoving both masks into their hands. “I employ a variety of different accents on the phone when trying to gather information on certain cases.”

“He also sometimes does that while ordering pizza too,” Joan mutters.

“Come on now, we have a suspect to talk to,” Sherlock says as he puts on a white curly beard to complete the Santa outfit he was wearing. “Time is of the essence.”

Joan and Marcus exchange an exasperated look before they put on their masks as well before following Sherlock to the party inside. Nevermind that their masks clash with the suits they’re wearing.

“I hate working on Halloween,” Marcus sighs. “Costume parties are the worst.”

You're up orangegreenlove
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