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[Team Three] A bad idea

Title: A bad idea
Fandom: Dekaranger
Pairing: Ban/Hoji
Rating: PG-13? (Like sex is implied, but nothing is described)
Summary: Hoji has been avoiding Ban lately, and it’s starting to affect their work.
A/N: This is so late, and Hoji didn’t want to be Hoji in this at all. Like I don’t know who my muse wanted to write, but it sure as hell wasn’t Hoji. I wanted to do more, but my muse ran out of steam and I wasn't happy with how this was turning out. The only one who will probably even read this is kira_shadow.

“Maybe, tomorrow?” Ban knows Hoji doesn’t mean it. He never means it when he says tomorrow. They’ve known each other long enough that Hoji does now, at least, acknowledge that Ban is part of his team. As much as he argues that they aren’t “partners”, but the way Ban sees it, that is the only way to describe their relationship at this level. They work together, and though at first it was tough, they’ve become a pretty good team. Not to mention what happens when work hours are done, when they’re in one of their quarters and the lights are off.

It had all started when they were both incredibly drunk, having had a hard fight earlier that day. All of the Dekarangers had gone out drinking. It was the first time the six of them had managed to all go out together. It was the first time Hoji had ever agreed to go out with them all. They’d all drank their fill and leaned on one another as they returned to their quarters, occasionally they would bump on another's injuries and curse, but it was a fun time nonetheless.

That was when Ban had learned that Hoji was weak to alcohol. He had had to take him back to his quarters, the blue warrior unable to stand. He had taken him back to him room and was about to let the other be, unsure if he was suppose to go as far as helping the other man into his pajamas or not, when Hoji had grabbed him by the hair and crushed their mouths together. Ban had ended up spending the night, and in the morning, when his ass was sore and he felt satisfied with life, Hoji had seemed slightly mortified.

Ban had to go out of his way to show Hoji that he didn’t mind what had happened, and that he wouldn’t mind it happening again. It had taken weeks of convincing, but when Hoji did finally give in and they did it without the alcohol, Ban knew it was the right choice. Their teamwork only increased with their now intimate knowledge of one another's bodies.

Lately, however, Hoji seemed to constantly be brushing Ban off. They hadn’t done anything in at least a month, and Ban knew that both of them were starting to feel restless about it. He couldn’t figure out why Hoji was constantly putting it off, not wanting to go out even with the team. It’s only when Ban frowned deeply at Hoji’s fleeting figure that Umeko came over, Sen-chan at her heels. “Why don’t you just go surprise him? He’s been more grumpy than usual lately.” Her pout was cute, and Sen-chan’s arms wrap around her possessively.

Jasmine and Tettsu both nodded their heads, in agreement with Umeko. They push him towards their quarters before they all wander off to get some BBQ, leaving Ban behind. He shakes his head, realizing that his teammates were probably right. Hoji had been acting worse lately, and Ban wasn’t sure why. With a deep breath to steady himself, he put on his determined face and went to go look for his partner.

When he knocked on Hoji’s door there was no answer, Ban sighed, and wondered if it really was pointless. He was about to knock again when Hoji appeared in front of him, his hair wet from a recent shower. He looked at him with wide eyes, and quickly unlocked his door. When he didn’t force Ban away he followed after. They were both silent, Hoji now in a pair of sweatpants and worn T-shirt. Ban couldn’t help but find Hoji adorable that way, it made him want to pull him into his arms and kiss him. Knowing that talking right away wasn’t really going to get them anywhere, Ban did just that. Hoji kept his distance, but let Ban kiss him.

When they pulled apart Hoji’s eyes were low lidded and his lips were puffed up appealingly. Ban’s fingers brushed against Hoji’s lip, more than pleased with the visual result. He figured he probably looked about the same. Hoji moved forward to bite at Ban’s lower lip, causing him to groan. Just when Ban was going to lean in for more, Hoji moved away from him. He grabbed a towel from the edge of his bed and began to towel dry his hair some more. Ban frowned, Hoji had been avoiding him, but he hadn’t moved away during a make out before.

“Ok, what’s going on with you?” Ban crossed his arms over his chest and waited. Hoji glanced at him, and glared away, not willing to talk. “Please?”

It’s probably the desperation in his voice that finally made Hoji look at Ban. He glared at the ground. “It’s nothing, just didn’t feel like it.”

Ban gave him another frown, but let it drop. If Hoji really didn’t want it, he wouldn’t push the issue. He remained standing in Hoji’s room, hoping for more. It took at least five minutes before Hoji himself seemed to get restless. “If you don’t want to do stuff with me anymore, that’s fine. Just tell me,” Ban tried to keep his voice even. They had fooled around, but he wasn’t expecting it to hurt when it ended.

That seemed to get Hoji’s attention. He bit his lower lip, and suddenly looked smaller than he really was. This was the Hoji that only Ban had seen, the one that wasn’t sure of himself or serious all the time. “It’s not that, but I don't want things to get weird. We have a good team going, and it’s not going to keep being that if I make it weird.”

Ban gave Hoji and incredulous look, because really Hoji was already making it weird by avoiding him. “How is you avoiding me not making it weird?”

Hoji winced, but he was starting to put up his barriers and return to the Hoji that ban normally worked with. “I’ll work on that, but trust me it’s better than the alternative.”

“Which is?”

Hoji didn’t really answer, just looked at anything that wasn’t Ban. It was starting to annoy the red ranger, who was starting to reach his limits of patience. Knowing that Hoji didn’t really want to stop, Ban cornered him against the wall and kissed him. Hoji fought him for a moment, but it was only half hearted, and Ban easily kept the blue ranger still. Hoji let out a moan, and Ban could already feel the other harden against his thighs. He pulled away and looked at Hoji again, trying to will the other to tell him what was wrong. “I can’t keep doing this, not with the way you make me feel.”

It was so quiet that Ban almost didn’t hear him. Almost, but he definitely understood, and suddenly Hoji’s actions made sense. A weight that had been on Ban’s chest since Hoji had started to avoid him suddenly lifted, and he kissed Hoji with such force that the blue rangers head smacked against the wall. He didn’t seem to mind, his fists grabbed at Ban’s shirt, keeping them close together. When they pulled away for air, they were both panting.

“Hey, you know when I thought you wanted to end this, I didn’t really like it. So maybe I’m the same?” Ban smiled, his hands on Hoji’s hips.

“It’s a bad idea,” is all Hoji says, but he pulled Ban in for another rough kiss anyways. Ban grinned, it was a bad idea, but he was full of those anyways. Besides, Hoji was warm and rough and just what Ban wanted.

“All the best ones are.”

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