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[Team Two] Photographs

Started as a conversation between me and a friend and eventually I'll write the full fic of this. The beginnings of smut??

Beautiful faces had always been captured by his camera. Mostly his bandmates but a few times Yuto had booked a model to practice on when he had a small break in his schedule, giving him time to breathe.

He had always kept it to tame things, behind the scenes shots of Jump hanging out, the occasional slutty picture slipping into the mix, but he wanted to go farther, wanted to push himself beyond the boundaries that he was give.

Sex was beautiful.

Two bodies molding together, showing their love in the purest form. Other times it was rough, quick, seeking out a high before the desire fizzled between them. He had seen plenty of photo shoots that depicted sex, classy photos on shiny pages of magazines he picked up after work, but after countless hours of research his results were negative. Everything had been acted between the models, not the real deal.

What he wanted was stupid, ridiculous even. Who in their right mind would let him, a skinny, lanky child with a camera, inside of their closed doors to watch them have sex and document every moment? No one in their right mind, and he was content to have it be a dream.

Best always knew the best ways to pull his hidden desires from him. A little alcohol turning into a few shots until Yuto was loose enough to talk about his wildest fantasies without a care. Luckily Inoo pulled Daiki away for a little alone time and Takaki had grown tired of the senseless chitchat, so he ended up pouring his heart out to only Yabu and Hikaru instead of the group.

“Sounds fun,” Hikaru said. “When are you free?”

Yuto felt his jaw drop, eyes widening at Hikaru’s words. “You’re joking….right?”

“I mean we’ve always thought about it.” Yabu’s free hand curled into his boyfriend’s own. “Seemed hot to have photos of us….doing stuff.”

“Fucking,” Hikaru clarified, grinning like a wolf.

Yabu rolled his eyes. “We just didn’t know who to ask, and both of us trust you.” His eyes seemed to twinkle in the low light. “So, what do you day Yuto? Are you in?”

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