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[team two] koishite akuma

Because I'm running late and all I can think of is Taiga in that new Stageplay T_T

“Love the look.” Yasui says, uncertain himself whether his voice sounds mocking or awed. He holds the magazine up in explanation and Taiga’s eyes roll briefly like it’s not the first time he’s heard this.

And then Yasui sucks his lip into his mouth involuntarily and something in Taiga’s expression changes.“Into that kind of thing?” Taiga asks with a raised eyebrow, and the smug voice is a far cry from the timid, bashful kid he once knew. Yasui’s teeth sink into his lip just a little as he wonders if maybe <i>that’s</i> the thing he’s into. He’s been so confused since he saw the look Taiga would be sporting for his new role.

“No.” He answers, and maybe it sounds just a little defensive. He’s not, not into the look that is, the flashy hair, the eyeliner and the silver lipstick, he never really was into Gackt, and yet the school uniform does do a little something for him. Taiga’s over confident expression both in the pictures and in the flesh does more than a little for him.

There’s a brief moment where it’s quiet, where Taiga’s audacious grin meets Yasui confused defiance and then the moment shatters as Taiga speaks “So, have...”

Yasui doesn’t hear the end of the sentence, is aware far too late that the reason he doesn’t hear it is because his lips are pressed against Taiga’s, silencing him. “Shit.” Yasui says as he pulls away quickly.

He expects, or hopes rather, to find the same expression of surprise on Taiga’s face as he feels contorting his own features but Taiga just smirks. “I’ve been getting that a lot lately.”

And Yasui is once again overcome with the urge to kiss that smug, almost cocky expression off of that beautiful face.

It's your turn sanadas_sanity
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