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[Team sonic] The B Team

Getting this out quick because it's now my turn for regular Shiritori. It's loosely inspired by the Marianas Trenches song of the same name. Starting words from here

"It feels just right." Yamada groans and Keito bites his lip as he presses his thumbs in a little harder. "Mmm...right there"

"There?" He asks, working his way down to Yamada's lumbar vertebrae and Yamada groans again in response. Keito shakes his head, why does he do this to himself?

"You're so good at this." Yamada hums, his voice indecently groggy, unbearably sexy. "One day you're going to make someone very happy."

Keito bites back his response of "someone that isn't you?" They've had this conversation before, more than once.

The first time was back when they started getting close. When Yamada fell out with Yuto and things were kind of weird because Yuto clung to Chinen and Yamada felt left out and he turned to Keito for company. Keito was an idiot to have expected more back then, was an idiot to risk the friendship that had blossomed between them and ask Yamada out. At least Yamada let him down gently, explained that he just wasn't looking for that kind of relationship.

He couldn't use that excuse the time after, when they all went out for Chinen's birthday and went back to Keito's to crash. That was the night Yamada and Yuto made up and Keito found them curled together naked the next morning in the guest room bed. Yamada would never say it, not even to Keito, but Keito knows Yamada would have made a go of things if Yuto had been willing.

He's pretty sure there hasn't been anything between them since but he thinks Yamada is still holding out hope. It's the only reason he can think of that Yamada won't give him a chance.

Yamada is always saying things about how good a boyfriend Keito would be, about how Keito is everything he would be looking for, if he were looking right now. And just that is enough to keep the torch he's carrying alight, despite the way Yamada's eyes so often stray longingly to Yuto's face. It's enough to keep him wrapped around Yamada's finger even if it is clear he's just plan B.
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