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With the recent silence, I thought I'd give restarting sonic a shot. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Hakyeon isn’t sure how long he’s been in his office for; he lost track of time after he dove into a book about the history of the ancient warlocks and their magic, which has been on his reading list for the last seven decades but he never got to reading. In his own little bubble, it’s as if time doesn’t move at all. He does not have the power to stop time - but this is one way he does it, at peace in the absolute silence save for his own breathing and the turning of the page.

So naturally, something eventually breaks the spell.

He’s halfway through a particularly interesting chapter when the silence is broken by an incessant knocking on the front door. It is amplified with a charm so he’ll hear it in his office - and boy, does it work. With a huff, Hakyeon bookmarks the page he was on and leaves his book on the desk to go answer the door, the knocking only taking a few seconds break before it starts up again.

“I’m coming, damn it,” Hakyeon groans, though that doesn’t stop the knocking. He doesn’t bother peeping through the hole, because he has an idea of who it is - and if it’s not him, then either way Hakyeon will find out.

He begins to open the door, complaining, “No need to nag, I’m right here- oh-” and then he’s cut off by the faerie running into his arms and kissing him deeply.

Practically acting on reflex, he grabs the back of Jaehwan’s neck and returns the kiss eagerly. He can’t stop grinning, pulling Jaehwan further into his house and closing the door behind him. Jaehwan pushes him against the nearest wall, kissing him once more, and sighs in content.

“Well,” Hakyeon starts, somewhat out of breath but far from unhappy about it, “that is certainly one way to greet a host.”

Jaehwan snickers and kisses him lightly. “Thought you’d like it.”

“Oh yes,” says Hakyeon and shakes his head with a laugh. “But was it really necessary to knock so much? I’d hear it anyway.”

“Missed you,” Jaehwan says simply, as though that’s obvious, and it almost is. He didn’t even need to say it; Hakyeon can see the pure joy in his eyes. He’s almost melting underneath that gaze.

And he’s missed Jaehwan, too. They haven’t seen each other for a little over a week, both of them having things to attend to, and it’s been so strange not having Jaehwan around. He enjoys the silence, but he’d gotten used to Jaehwan’s humming, Jaehwan’s rambling, Jaehwan singing him to sleep. Seeing him again, Hakyeon feels his shoulders relax, and he pulls him a little closer to lean on him. “You should be gone more often if that’s how you’re going to greet me every time you return to me,” he mumbles jokingly.

“So you want me to be gone more often, huh?” Jaehwan raises an eyebrow.

“God, please no,” Hakyeon says and hugs him tighter. “Actually, you should stay right here. And kiss me like that all the time. Win-win.” He kisses Jaehwan again, less rushed.

It feels good, to have Jaehwan sigh into his mouth, chasing after his lips. It feels homey, to be standing against the wall with Jaehwan’s hands on him, just holding him close. It feels right. It feels just right.
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