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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

Team 2? and Team 1

Hi Team 2! So I haven't seen anybody post since the 10th, and when I asked on twitter if a couple of you knew what was up, all I got was Xing saying she needs to take a hiatus.

If you are on Team 2 and still want to play this round, I need you to either comment to this post or ping me on Twitter (Mousapelli) or email me at . If all of team 2 needs a break, that's fine, but if there's one or two of you that want to be active, then we probably need to shuffle you to a different team for the moment.

Team 1, nobody's posted since the 14th. Can somebody please tell me what's up with you as well?

Casual reminder that Shiritori Sonic is open to all and like half a dozen of you are listed as re-starters and yet not much goes on there. Anybody can restart it with any words at all!

Lastly, happy holidays to those of you who are celebrating, be safe, and have a relaxing break if you have one. I am officially off school as of today and desperately need the rest. I hope everyone can look forward to a 2018 that is brighter and more hopeful than 2017 was for many of us.

Thanks as always for being a part of the shiritori family. I've met so many good friends here and I hope you all have felt encouraged to write more and meet some new friends as well.
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