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[Team Five] Hero Antics (1/?)

My BNHA au for BTS

It really is overwhelming. The thoughts in his mind jumble altogether, tangling and tugging. Emotions wash over him like crashing waves. He breathes deep in search of calm. He envisions hands holding onto his own trembling ones. With a few more breaths, he opens his eyes.


He turns slowly to his superior. “Yes.”

“If you’re alright, we need to head back to the office now.” The other man exits the police restroom without a backward glance.

When he steps out, some officers greet him with “Thank you, V.” He smiles wide and replies with a job well done. His mind is less frazzled, in a better state to deal with people. He follows his superior’s lead out of the police station and to their car.

“Don’t even think about driving right now or I’ll make you sleep the entire day.” The other gets in and starts the engine.

Kim Taehyung, hero name “V”, laughs before getting in as well. The moment he buckles his seatbelt, they’re off into the road. He glances at the man beside him, Min Yoongi, hero name “Suga”. He’s thankful for coming to BTS hero agency, both then during his internship and now as a fulltime hero. He gets to be the sidekick of Hero Suga and work with other great heroes.

Yoongi suddenly offers, “Choose the music. It’s rush hour and I’m not gonna fill in the silence with talking.”

Taehyung grins wide and connects his phone to the speakers. Honestly, Yoongi has become easier to read with time. It's his gruff kindness that makes Taehyung giddy. And it’s his usual calm and collected emotions that keep Taehyung at peace. The music helps too.

Of course, Taehyung is the person who can’t help but think back on what happened. He remembers the panic and fear that overwhelmed him when his head gear got crushed by the villain. The emotions didn’t come from him though, but from the civilians being evacuated. It had been some time since he felt such a saturation of emotions hence the breakdown in the police station.

He tugs at the multiple modified earrings to pull himself together, breathing deeply all the while. He pictures the calm sea bathed under a starry sky. His whole body slowly slumps in ease. Time becomes unknown until a hand rests on his shoulder.

“We’re back.” Yoongi says. They sluggishly get out of the car and into the office.

A man rushes to them as they set foot inside. “Come on. RM-hyung is about to finish touring that promising UYeo student. Already talked to him a bit awhile ago.”

“Jimin!” Taehyung engulfs the man in a hug and lets himself feel the excitement and joy come in gentle waves. There’s worry that slips in so he moves away, smile prepared. “I’m better now. Don’t think much of it.”

Yoongi ruffles Jimin’s hair. “Already taken care of.”

They all walk to the hallway leading to Kim Namjoon’s, hero name RM, office. Jimin fusses a little over Taehyung’s headgear breaking in the middle of the fight but calms down once he lets out his worries. Before they can reach the door, it opens up to spill out Namjoon and an awestruck face.

“You’ll start tomorrow at 6.” Namjoon faces their way and grins. “You guys came back! This is our new ally.”

The intern smiles bright and bows. “I’m Jeon Jungkook, hero name Kookie.”

“Fresh blood!” Taehyung smiles at the burst of nervous excitement despite the distance and his modified earrings. This rookie has strong emotions. “I’m V.”

“Suga.” Yoongi nods, assessing Jungkook. He smiles, “You seem like you’ll fit in just fine.”

At the compliment, Jungkook beams. Taehyung feels a wave of unmitigated joy wash over him. He takes a step back, a little dizzy from it. Jimin holds onto his waist and steadies him. He mutters a thanks before looking back at Jungkook. There’s guilt and curiosity prickling at Taehyung now.

“Don’t bother apologizing.” Taehyung waves his hand in dismissal. “I was just caught unaware since I’m used to having my headgear. And I’ll tell you later, RM-hyung.”

Jungkook’s apprehensive at first but mellows down and then bursts back into excitement. The four get into a short conversation before the three heroes usher out the student. Taehyung would have gotten closer to Jungkook if not for his missing headgear. He pouts at Jimin as they walk and receives a shrug.

“See you tomorrow.” Namjoon pats Jungkook’s shoulder. “You’ll be accompanying Suga and V first.”

Jungkook bows again. “I look forward to working with you.”

Taehyung decides to come closer and offer his hand. “Let’s work well together.”

When Jungkook holds the outstretched hand, Taehyung feels the barrage of emotions from Jungkook more intensely. He staggers forward in his dizziness but catches himself. He stands straight while looking at Jungkook in wonder and curiosity.


Jungkook’s eyes widen before he hastily bids farewell. He’s running off fast before anyone could stop him. Taehyung continues to stare after the fading figure. He’s sure of what he felt from Jungkook. There had been attraction hidden beneath all that excitement and nervousness. Things will get even more interesting in the coming days.

Your turn, harujongin! :)
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