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[Team Three] Don't eat the babysitter

Somehow Bakugou ends up alone with a herd of baby dragons.

"Shut up, you morons!" Bakugou roared. The two dozen hatchlings, sized between small dog and pony, fell silent for about three seconds. If they’d been loud before, they were even louder now, and they were all clustered around Bakugou. Several were chewing on his cloak, one little dragonet was pawing at his earring and if that stupid spiky firebreather tried to chew on his hair one more time…

Baby dragons didn’t gain human speech, or the ability to shapeshift, until they were about the size of a horse. The bigger ones clearly understood most of what was said already, but the little ones were barely smarter than an over-excited puppy and just as bouncy. With a little dragon held in each arm, Bakugou couldn’t even fire off any explosions, not that that would have helped much - the firebreathers seemed to think it was some sort of invitation to come closer, and several dragonets tried to lick his palms every chance they got.

With an annoyed huff, Bakugou flopped back down to sit on the rocky ground - if he tried to leave before Kirishima was done with his stupid dragon olympics, these baby dragons would probably follow him. He could just see himself, trying to do quest with a herd of chattering dragonets flying after him. They’d probably eat treasure maps too.

A feathery dragon the size of a big dog crawled into his lap and licked his face with its forked little tongue. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he grumbled and petted the annoying creature’s feathery ears. The little dragonet purred and three others immediately headbutted his arms and nudged at his hands, asking for pets.

This temporary nursery was far enough away from whatever the adult dragons were up to that only the occasional distant roar, some explosions and a few smaller earthquakes could be heard and felt. Bakugou had insisted on coming along when Kirishima had told him he needed to go home for a week to participate in “some challenges”, but he’d been stuck here, safely out of the way, together with all the kids small enough to be stepped on.

At least the little dragons were warm. Not quite as furnace warm as Kirishima, but more than warm enough to make the nursery cosy. Petting each dragonet in turn, Bakugou settled down to wait.

Next up is mousapelli
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