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[Team Three] Cuddle so Hard

Title: Cuddle so Hard
Fandom: SixTONES
Pairing: Group-ai?
Rating: PG-13 for swearing xD
Summary: SixTONES are known for being too close, but Jesse doesn't see that as a problem at all.
A/N: I'm on a writing/SixTONES kick and finished this super fast xD Also wooo! appropriate icon!

That had to be it, Jesse mused when it’s once again brought to his attention that his group is way too close. It’s not that they actively try to be different, but somehow over the years they’d grown closer than workmates, closer than most groups. It was a bit bizarre to Jesse, sometimes, just how everyone in Japan categorized people. Growing up, he had learned the different words and how they were used, but that didn’t mean he understood it. He asked his father about it once, and his father apparently was just as confused about it. Deciding it was probably just a Japanese thing, and that he didn’t fully need to follow it. It took a bit of effort to get his Unit on the same page as him, but eventually they all seemed to get use to it.

Taiga was the hardest to convince, trying to be as professional as possible. It had taken a lot of time and effort to get him to open up to the rest of them.Hokuto had been receptive, but only if Jesse approached him first, even now Hokuto didn’t instigate much, at least off camera. Kouchi and Juri had been the most receptive to the closeness, already rather open to the idea. Shintaro had started out a problem, his teenage angst taking monstrous forms at times. However, around his 17th birthday, Shintaro suddenly changed and now he was just as guilty as Juri or Jesse at starting things.

It had been worth it, Jesse was sure. He walked into their dressing room, Kouchi and Taiga are cuddled on the couch, Taiga snuggled into Kouchi’s chest, taking a quick nap. Shintaro and Juri are playing a game on their phones, trying to be at least less loud than normal. They’re only half succeeding, both shhing the other when they get too loud. Hokuto is watching over their shoulders, chiming in with his own thoughts and teasing Shintaro at every chance.

“Hey Jesse, what’s up?” Kouchi is blinking sleepily at him, Taiga still fast asleep on his chest.

“Nothing much, got yelled at again for staring at Juri’s junk. Apparently, I’m not supposed to be that comfortable about it.” Jesse shakes his head, pretending to be lost and confused.

Juri snorts, “Hey, I know I got something nice.”

“Oh please, Jesse is still bigger,” Hokuto smacks Juri upside the head, making him lose against Shintaro, who cheers.

“Because it IS weird,” Taiga’s eyes are still closed, nuzzling closer to Kouchi’s chest.

Jesse rolls his eyes, “So is snuggling on the couch, but here you are doing it.”

Taiga flipped him off, still not moving. Kouchi laughed, hugging Taiga closer. “All your fault.” He says it with such affection towards Jesse, that Shintaro and Hokuto pretend gag in response. Neither Jesse nor Kouchi respond though.

Shintaro called for a time out of their game and got up, leaving the room. Jesse bit his lip, thinking. Suddenly struck with an idea for an experiment, he lied down on the floor. It was cold, but oddly comfortable. Juri nudged Hokuto who nodded as they came forward. Juri and Hokuto laid down on Jesse’s chest snuggled in on each side. Kouchi opened his eyes at the silence, and poked at Taiga till the other opened his eyes. He sighed, but begrudgingly got up flopping directly on top of Jesse so as to not touch the cold floor. Kouchi pouted, but Hokuto opens his arms inviting him to his side. Once they’re all cuddled together the cold floor turned warm and they all had smiles on their faces.

“The fuck!?” Shintaro glared at them all, unhappy with being left out. Juri offers the spot next to him, but being the brat that he is, Shintaro dives on the pile. They all grunt, his weight crushing them. Taiga lets out a string of curses, and Jesse can’t stop laughing.

“Enough racket, you guys were finally being quiet and-” Akito came up short when he entered the room to yell at them. They stared back and forth for a bit, until Akito simply left the room, shaking his head.

“What’s his problem?” It’s Taiga who said it, which is probably why they all laugh even harder, red in the face and having trouble breathing.

From another room they could hear a shout, “Shut up, you morons!”

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