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[Team One] a constant companion

Something I'm really fond of that I developed with my friend. Very quickly written so extremely rushed and unfinished but I wanted to get it out.

Sanghyuk in his arms, a heavy weight even for him, Hakyeon flounders as he tries to decide what he should do. The boy looks worse for wear, and Hakyeon knows that he was late this time. The fool with his wings, always trying to reach the Sun, how many times has he hurt himself in his impossible mission? Could this be the last?

No. In lieu of a better solution, Hakyeon abandons his chariot, not for the first time after meeting Sanghyuk, and carries him safely down on the ground. He takes him to his own house, gently placing him on the bed.

Sanghyuk is burning up; Hakyeon does his best to bring his body temperature down, but he is all too aware that he has no healing powers and cannot do much himself. All he can do is wait, and hope that it’s not too late, hope that the fool, the boy with the sweet smile, soft eyes and beautiful wings, that he will fight and pull through.

He might be the Sun, but when a chill runs down his spine, he knows exactly who is coming. “Not yet,” he says quietly, clutching Sanghyuk’s hand desperately. Not yet.

And still, he senses his presence before it is announced, like he always does. “Hakyeon,” says Wonsik.

Hakyeon closes his eyes in resignation, a sigh. And then he turns around to face the god of Death.

“I won’t let you take him.”

miyeokguk you're next!
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