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[team four] i was getting violent

not too happy with this but i'm tired of skipping :c so here i am!

Tears are soft.

It's something, as Taehyung shakes on the floor, hands covered in blood that isn't his, trying to fold in on himself, that Jungkook realizes for the first time.

He's crying, too. They both are. They're scared out of their minds and trying to piece it all together: Yoongi's disappearance, the way Jimin had yelled in warning before the shots burst - before any of them could have known anything was going to happen. And then the bullets.

Yoongi had given them a place for Jimin, and taken off. It didn't make sense, none of it --

Taehyung's crying, and Jungkook's crying, too. They both are.

Jimin's propped up against some tyres, eyes closed, his fingers and knees twitching oddly at moments. His face is ashen, drawn, white shirt running red. Taehyung had dug out the bullets with his bare hands, and now there's bits of flesh stuck under his nails. Now Taehyung's shaking on the floor.

With all that's happened, all that they've done and could do - warm blood, cold shrapnel, the sharp, gritty dirt. This hard, empty room full of metal.

All they can do is give up these tears.

Soft, hot salt that runs over skin like blood and so, so unlike it. Jimin raises his head, looks at Jungkook. Reaches for Taehyung, who freezes.

"Mmm," Jimin croaks, and Jungkook's so terrified he starts laughing a little, then coughing because his throat doubles in on itself.

"Mmm," Jimin says again, and his thumb, cold and dry, comes up to Jungkook's face, touching gently at the tears. Jimin shakes his head, a don't, and Taehyung sits up.

"Well, if you didn't get shot," he starts, righteously angry, voice hoarse, and then all of them are laughing, even if it hurts to laugh, even though they're all scared.

"Mmmhey," Jimin says, head lolling back, smile coming slow. "Now, did I ask for it?"

Taehyung's hands grip Jimin's white-knuckle tight. As Jungkook watches, one little tear drops onto their skin, soft and warm. Jungkook huddles closer, tries to be close without touching. Jimin brushes their knees together and smiles.

"Take that as a no." He shifts slightly, with a groan. "Tell me we came in a car. Please."

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