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[TEAM FOUR] Like a Canyon in a Way

The last line that knocked out two team members is finally conquered! Finally! And it only took Victor being melodramatic.

Yuri!!! on Ice, Victor/Yuuri, T, 237 words
He definitely doesn't expect the flower that blooms where their lips meet, but Victor supposes that only proves how deep and wide their love runs. It’s like a canyon that way. Majestic. Unfathomable. Formed by nature.

As they skate off the ice, Yuuri says that ‘blooms’ isn’t exactly accurate, since it just came from a girl in the audience with good aim throwing flowers after their pairs exhibition. He also gingerly suggests that Victor’s metaphors need work.

“Yuuuuuri,” Victor whines, giving Yuuri’s name at least eight extra syllables.

“What is it?” Yuuri shoots him a smile as he slips his skate guards back on. The smile’s all fond exasperation, and it’s amazing what that does to Victor. It makes his heart do little flip-floppy things. It makes birds sing and, yes, Yuuri, makes flowers bloom. It also makes Victor want to drag Yuuri into the nearest bathroom and show off another way their love could run deep, but he resists. For now. The things Victor endures.

“I love you,” Victor says, and leans in for another kiss. The audience in the rink cheers like crazy and the girl with tremendous aim does it again somehow. Though this time, Victor manages to get a rose petal in his mouth and it’s a less pleasant experience all around.

Yuuri laughs and pulls it out for him, then wraps an arm around Victor’s middle and leads him away, out of everyone’s sight.

Then he pulls them into the nearest bathroom.


You're up, iwantchocopie!
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