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[Team One] Sandboxes and sunburns

A new day, another AU.

All day, the sun has bathed the city in its harsh rays, so even though he is unable to see them, Taekwoon can easily imagine the red roses blooming on Sanghyuk's tiny, round cheeks, the slight sunburn across his nose, even though they had applied plenty of sunblock to Sanghyuk's face and body earlier that day. Sanghyuk sitting on the toilet lid, laughing as Taekwoon had made sure he covered every visible sliver of skin on Sanghyuk's face, body.

He knows Sanghyuk had been wearing a snapback this morning, but it's nowhere to be seen now. Taekwoon shakes his head slightly, frowning because the sun is at its peak and Sanghyuk isn't covered from its brutal rays.

As he watches Sanghyuk playing in the sandbox with another kid Taekwoon recognizes as Sungjae - Sanghyuk’s partner in crime - Taekwoon wonders if they put enough sunscreen on Sanghyuk earlier this morning.

He bows briefly to one of the preschool teachers as he approaches the group playing in the park, pausing under a tree to get some protection from the merciless sun.

Taekwoon shrugs off his blazer, stuffs it mindlessly into his messenger bag before he pushes the sleeves of his button-down up to his elbows in a feeble attempt to relieve himself some from the summer heat. The cotton of his shirt is sticking to his back. Taekwoon mentally curses himself for wearing a tank top underneath on a day as hot as this one.

The preschool teacher - Taekwoon thinks his name is Junmyeon - walks over to the sandbox where Sanghyuk and Sungjae are busy building a sand castle. They're too far away for Taekwoon to be able to hear what they say, but Sanghyuk's actions speak for himself as he immediately climbs to his short feet, looking around until he spots Taekwoon.

Taekwoon's heart clenches as he sees the wide smile on Sanghyuk's face; the way his eyes wrinkles around the edges, his nose scrunching cutely as he moves his tiny feet. The bucket he had been holding is forgotten, tossed to the ground as Sanghyuk cuts the distance between them, Taekwoon crouching down.

Sanghyuk jumps into Taekwoon's arms, a flurry of short legs and chubby hands clinging to him, his round face rubs against Taekwoon's white shirt.

"Papa!" Sanghyuk squeals, high pitched laughter filling Taekwoon's ears as he gets up, Sanghyuk in his arms.

Bops amaxingbaek's nose. You're next! :D
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