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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol snippet

“Sorry for trying to set you up with friends,” is Hyeyeon’s mother’s greeting next time she sees Chanyeol. “You should have said something. We’d have understood and respected you, instead of continuing.”

Chanyeol blinks. “It’s okay,” he says, because although it had been annoying at first, he’d kind of become used to it, “but thank you?”

His confusion is cleared a moment later, when she continues with, “We met Kyungsoo.”

Oh, of course they did. Though that still doesn’t entirely explain why Kyungsoo coming back made her apologise for trying to make him date.

Though she’s not the first. After all, that was Sohee.

“What a handsome man,” Siyeon’s mother says, “And so polite, too. You’re very lucky.”

Chanyeol furrows his brow in confusion. “Thanks. He’s a great father, and Jinsol likes him better than me,” he jokes. “It means I can have a rest sometimes. So yeah, I guess I am, now he’s back.”

He hears the coos, but he doesn’t register them at all.

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