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[Team Three] Ride

After all the teasing, Bakugou was just about out of patience. Kirishima’s tongue danced slickly against his own, Kirishima’s fingers dug into his right hip, Kirishima’s stupid red hair was soft against his palm, and Bakugou decided abruptly that beds were optional. He put his palms flat against Kirishima’s chest and shoved, pushing his boyfriend down onto the couch. The surprised noise that escaped was quite satisfying, and that was even before he kicked his pants off and climbed on top.

With his hair still a little wet from the shower, Kirishima was incredibly appealing, so Bakugou called him an idiot and kissed him again. Kirishima’s hands went straight for his ass, squeezing firmly. He was still slick and ready from their last round, so Kirishima’s fingers slipped inside rather more easily than usual, which was probably a good thing because Bakugou wanted, needed some dick inside him now.

“Why the fuck are you still wearing pants, you moron?” Bakugou demanded, sitting up to glare down at Kirishima.

“Because it’s hot if I’m dressed and you aren’t,” Kirishima replied, grinning up at Bakugou.

Bakugou clicked his tongue, but he couldn’t deny the truth of that statement, so he simply opened Kirishima’s pants to free his hard dick. He gave it a few quick, rough strokes, drawing a series of groans from Kirishima.

Holding Kirishima’s dick steady with one hand, Bakugou sank down onto it much quicker than he should have, taking it in all in one go. Leaning back, he braced his hands on Kirishima’s thighs to get the perfect angle, rising up only to sink back down over and over again. Kirishima figured it out after a couple of times, snapping his hips up to meet him halfway, and Bakugou didn’t give half a fuck if every single one of their neighbours could hear exactly how much he enjoyed his boyfriend’s dick.

Bakugou didn’t exactly have much comparison, but he was convinced that Kirishima’s dick was perfect - it was big enough that the stretch of it burned just a little, and shaped perfectly to hit Bakugou’s prostate exactly right. Bakugou threw his head back, giving himself up to the pleasure. He moaned unashamedly, moving his hips up and down, riding his boyfriend’s dick with abandon. His body felt hot and pleasure was slowly clouding his mind. Kirishima’s hands on his hips anchored him a bit, but nothing could distract him from the overwhelming sensation of Kirishima’s thick, hard dick thrusting deep into his ass.

It didn’t always work that way, but when the angle was just right and he was worked up enough, Bakugou didn’t usually necessarily to touch his dick to get off. Early on, that hadn’t usually worked out because doing it that way took a bit more time and Kirishima hadn’t been able to last long enough to fuck him to completion, but nowadays that was rarely a problem anymore.

“Katsuki, come on,” Kirishima coaxed.

He wanted to tell Kirishima to fuck off, that he’d take as much time as he wanted, but when Bakugou opened his mouth, only a moan came out. It only took a couple more thrusts for Bakugou to come, his thighs shaking from the effort to keep moving while he came. He clenched tight around Kirishima’s hard dick, squeezing as he moaned. Bakugou’s untouched cock twitched as he came all over his stomach, with some dripping down onto Kirishima.

He didn’t slow down at all, not while he came and not even after. His thighs might be shaking, but Bakugou was determined to get his boyfriend off too before he collapsed. From the sound of it, he was pretty sure Kirishima wouldn’t last much longer anyway. Even with his eyes closed, Bakugou could picture Kirishima’s stupid grin.

Kirishima’s fingers dug into his hips, pulling him down hard. Kirishima finally came, thrusting deep into Bakugou repeatedly as he spilled his come deep inside Bakugou’s body. Bakugou made sure to keep moving while Kirishima came, drawing his boyfriend’s orgasm out, and then he finally collapsed on top of Kirishima. Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugou, holding him tight while they recovered.

It was only a couple minutes later that Bakugou dragged himself upright reluctantly. “Ugh, I need a shower,” he grumbled. He was all warm and relaxed and would have loved to go to sleep like this, comfortably lying on top of his boyfriend, but he could feel Kirishima’s come dripping down his thighs.

Next up is mousapelli!
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