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[Team Five] By Kindness

“I don’t get it, either.”

Taehyung and Jimin stare at the dilapidated shrine a little off the road in Taehyung’s hometown. It looks like a poor attempt at building a miniature shrine similar to the Samseonggun in South Gyeongsang. It recently rained in their area too. Taehyung feels a little bad for it and whoever made it.

“I still think they might have thrown it aside as trash.” Jimin frowns a little, looking as sorry for it as Taehyung. “Might have been a project with a bad grade.”

In a moment of sudden inspiration, Taehyung picks it up in his arms. “I’m going to make it look better.”

The only look Jimin could muster is incredulity. It changes into acceptance moments later. There have been numerous times where he simply could not understand the logic behind Taehyung’s decisions. Nonetheless, his best friend usually comes out unscathed. He shrugs, “Good luck.”

For the next few days of their vacation, Taehyung divides his time between helping his grandmother, fooling around with Jimin, and fixing the miniature shrine. He would converse with it at times, as if there were an actual god residing in it. The god, he decides, is one of resilience and strength.

“You’re pretty sturdy.” So Taehyung reinforces the base and pillars of the shrine.

“I think you’ll like red and white.” So Taehyung paints it a brilliant red and shining white with specks of green and gold.

“You seem to be more of the simple type.” So Taehyung doesn’t make intricate designs. To be honest, he’s not that great at it.

“A friend would be nice.” So Taehyung puts a bunny keychain he won inside it. Jimin laughs.

By the seventh night, Taehyung presents the new shrine to Jimin and his grandmother. They both applaud his efforts. He’s reluctant to place it outside and instead continues to keep it in his room. He bids it a good night before going to sleep.


Taehyung stirs a little before snuggling back into his blanket.

“Kim Taehyung.”

Taehyung groans at the hand shaking him. He decides to ignore it more. His body says it’s not yet time to get up.

“Kim Taehyung.”

The voice keeps on repeating and repeating his name. The hand keeps on shaking his shoulder. He’s about to curse at Jimin. Now is not the time to wake him up. He open his eyes and turns around.

“You’re finally awake. I was about to lay on you until you woke up.”

Well, even Taehyung’s sleep-addled mind understands that is certainly not Jimin kneeling beside his bed. Not only does Jimin not look one bit like this guy, the stranger is noticeably taller than his best friend. It might be his mind playing tricks on him but the stranger seems to be glowing along with his robes.

“Who the fuck are you?”

Here are your words harujongin! Best of luck!
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