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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol snippet

Summer breezes in without any notice.

Chanyeol uses the opportunity of the heat to take Jinsol to Incheon for a quick break. It’s their second holiday that year (the first in February to visit Chanyeol’s grandparents, who are on the other side of Korea, and who loved Jinsol), and Jinsol hasn’t been to a beach in years.

The beach is full of other families with the same idea; little girls and boys playing with their parents, lazy teenagers lying around half-dressed, and plenty of people in the sea, swimming and riding surfboards. Jinsol begs him to rent one, and he agrees, stashing their belongings in a beachside locker and then showing her how to use the board.

She falls in. Every single time. But she’s clearly having so much fun that Chanyeol thinks it was the best 14,700₩ he’s ever spent.

When she’s had enough, they swim about for a bit, until she clearly has better things on her mind.

“Daddy, can we get some ice cream? It’s so hot.”

“Sure,” Chanyeol says, and they go and collect their belongings from the locker. Once they’re dressed again, they wander around until they find an ice cream stall, and get two big vanilla ice creams.

“Do you think Daddy would like this?” Jinsol asks, as they eat their ice creams.

Chanyeol thinks about it for a moment. Kyungsoo is a naturally tan person, from spending a lot of his youth outdoors. He doesn’t look it, but he’s always been a little athletic. But in saying that, Chanyeol doesn’t even know if Kyungsoo can swim. “Maybe,” he decides, “though I can guarantee he’d not have got on that surfboard with you. And he’d probably have worn a t-shirt the whole time.”

“Aww,” she says. “We’ll have to bring Daddy with us, next time.”

Chanyeol grins down at her. “We sure will.”

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