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[TEAM FOUR] A Very Good Night

Written for this and also Tsukkiyama month, Day 8 "office workers AU" on Tumblr. Multitasking hooray!

"See you tomorrow!" Yachi smiled and waved on her way to the elevator. "Don't work too hard," she added.

Yamaguchi saluted her from his desk, which was kind of a copout answer, but she'd just do her cute worried frown thing if he told her he was planning on staying until his desk was clear. This was because Yamaguchi's desk was never clear, especially not during the busy season. Once, he fell asleep right on a pile of file folders and woke up just in time for people to congratulate him on getting into the office so early.

"Why are you still here?" someone asked. It was a familiar voice, and when Yamaguchi looked up, he was already smiling sheepishly. "Did you not notice everyone else is gone?" Tsukishima asked.

"You're still here," Yamaguchi pointed out.

Tsukishima pointed to his bag and then deliberately smoothed down the front of his coat; it was a really nice coat, good material and tailored, but Yamaguchi knew he wasn't just pointing out his fashion sense.

"I have deadlines?" Yamaguchi tried again.

"We all have deadlines," Tsukishima said. He picked up Yamaguchi's briefcase and put it on his desk. "And don't think I haven't noticed you doing more than your fair share because people know you'll stay late to get things done. Come on, let me buy you dinner."

Yamaguchi blinked. Tsukishima was his work friend, so they went out drinking with their colleugues after work or sometimes they'd even go out for food in a big group after a project finished, and it was always nice when they wound up sitting or standing together. And that was only half because Tsukishima was so easy on the eyes. Sitting next to Tsukishima was the only way to hear him mumbling sarcastically about their coworkers falling over themselves as the beer started flowing more freely. Which was kind of ironic, since the frequency of Tsukishima's comments increased the more beer he drank. And one time -- just once -- they got squashed next to each other at a table and Yamaguchi refused to move his leg the whole time because that would mean Tsukishima's leg was no longer pressed up against his. But they'd never gone out alone.

"Well?" Tsukishima prompted, still waiting for an answer. "I'm not letting you sleep at the office again."

"You knew?" Yamaguchi said, surprised.

Tsukishima rolled his eyes. "You were wearing the same clothes as the day before. Either you stayed at the office, or you had a very good night."

"Maybe it was the second one," Yamaguchi grumbled.

"You just admitted otherwise," Tsukishima said.

Yamaguchi opened his mouth and then closed it again. Damn it. "Fine, you win," he said and started shutting down his computer. "I'll let you buy me dinner."

"Good. And you know," Tsukishima added airily as he started walking toward the elevator, "if you want a very good night for real after that, I'm okay with that, too."

It took a second for Yamaguchi's brain to catch Tsukishima's meaning, but once it did, he nearly tripped over his feet as he ran after him.

"Hey, wait up!"

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