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[TEAM FOUR] By Any Other Name

I can't remember exactly how this came up but mousapelli and I were discussing Bakugo's thoughtful monikers for his classmates and it's just too much fun to make Aizawa-sensei's life difficult. I cracked myself up writing this, I hope you like it!

“We’re better than them.” Bakugo slouched into the teachers’ room in response to Aizawa’s summons. On the principal's orders of course - Aizawa was likely not any more enthusiastic about this conversation than Bakugo.

“Shitty Hair and I were running circles around Tape Guy and Electric Boy. There’s no fucking reason for Principal Nezu to pull us out of the exercise when we were winning.”

“Language,” Aizawa responded mildly. After two years of classes with Bakugo he must have said it thousands of times. At this point he occasionally caught himself on the verge of the automatic response even when Bakugo hadn’t used profanity at all.

The thing was, it didn’t really bother Aizawa at all. Bakugo was actually on pretty good terms with his classmates at this point. He was positive the kid knew all of their names for real, he just seemed to regard actually using them as bowing to authority or some crap. Most of the things he called people were pretty mild. Ashido didn’t seem to mind being called Acid Girl or Racoon Eyes, Tokoyami responded easily to Bird Boy, and Todoroki just rolled his eyes at Icy Hot. Now and then there would be a day when Bakugo was in a mood and everyone was ‘asshole’ this and ‘fucker’ that. Curiously those days seemed to be either when Bakugo was exceptionally annoyed or exceptionally pleased.

This time, it seemed to be the latter. Bakugo and Kirishima had been up against Sero and Kaminari in a forest setting capture the flag exercise and Bakugo’s team was dominating, having already taken five of the opposing team’s seven flags. So Bakugo had been pretty gleeful in his taunting. And loud, always loud. President Nezu had no problem hearing his triumphant shout accompanied by a maniacal cackle as he picked the worst possible time to stroll past the training grounds. And he seemed to think that Bakugo's word choice was 'unbecoming of a hero'. So here they were.

Aizawa sat back in his chair with a weary sigh. “You called Kaminari a ‘Pikachu fucker’.”

“Yeah, but you know what I mean,” Bakugo said, his frown more frustrated than angry. “A fucker who is also like Pikachu. Not a guy who fucks Pikachu.”

“And that’s supposed to be better?” The handful of other teachers in the room had been very good at pretending they couldn’t hear anything when the conversation started but with each passing exchange Aizawa could feel the weight of more and more ‘covert’ attention.

Bakugo crossed his arms with a huff, “Fuck yes, it’s better. I wasn’t kink shaming the guy.”

Aizawa heard an improperly muffled squeak that had to be Midnight. And people wondered why he hated everything.

“Classroom duty for a week. Out. NOW.” He spun his chair away from Bakugo to indicate the conversation was over and glare at his colleagues.

Bakugo scoffed but banged out of the room, blessedly without further comment.

It took all of two seconds for his co-workers to explode in laughter.

Present Mic, grinning like an idiot as usual, gave him double thumbs up, “NICE lecture! Good COMMUNICATION!”

Unfortunately this did not prevent Aizawa from hearing the thoughtful exchange Midnight and Cementos were having behind him.

“Where do you think Bakugo-kun learned that phrase,” Cementos mused.

Midnight giggled again, “I wonder if all the students know it.”

“Pikachu,” All Might questioned, bewildered. “I’m sure they do, it’s pretty famous.”

Aizawa’s head hit his desk with a thunk, barely disrupting their chatter. “That’s it. My whole class is expelled. I’m not coming back until next year. Everything canceled.” The bell rang indicating the end of the study period and he slowly dragged himself out of his seat to go dismiss class for the day.

All Might patted his shoulder in what he probably thought was an encouraging manner, “See you tomorrow morning?”

Aizawa heaved the world’s gustiest sigh. “Yeah. See you tomorrow.”

Over to you, marksykins!
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