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[team two] miss you

Because my head is fried and I just finished watching the second season of Stranger Things.

WARNING: I guess maybe spoilers for stranger things?

“It feels nice.” Jane says, a soft hum vibrating against Mike’s cheek and his fingers fidget for just a moment at her sides before he moves them to her back, pulling her that little bit closer.

“I like it too.” he says, just to say something, just to be sure he can because his mouth feels dry and his head kind of fuzzy. She smells of perfume and that only makes him dizzier. “Thank you for coming.”

Jane shakes her head, there’s a small smile on her lips when she pulls back enough to look at him. The intensity of her eyes winds him, it always did. “It was fun, getting dressed up for you.”

For him, he doesn’t miss the words. He knew it was about him, of course, and yet part of him still didn’t dare hope. It was enough that she came at all. “You look really pretty.” he tells her. She does, she looks soft and feminine but when she smiles at his words, that’s the thing that really makes her beautiful.

He fights the urge to tell her he’s missed her. He’s told her it every time he’s seen her this past month, as fleeting as their meetings have been. He told her it three hundred and fifty three times before that too, over the radio every night they were apart. He wants to say it again, because no matter how many times he says it he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to convey quite how badly he’d wanted to see her, quite how much he needed her, needs her still.

And yet somehow he knows he doesn’t need to say it, something in her eyes says she knows exactly how he feels. Her eyebrows furrow slightly as she almost whispers “I missed you Mike”

His fingers tighten in the back of her dress as he nods, tears starting to roll down his cheeks and he pulls her closer, his head falling to rest against hers. “I’ll never let you go again”.

You're up xingphonic. If you don't wanna click because spoilers then let me know and I'll tell you your ending sentence...

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